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Owing to its experience of more than a half century, and also its corporate governance and production approach adopted by never making compromises on quality and its dynamic and strong structure, Kale Steel Products carries on speeding up its investments, thus expanding its strong presence day by day, and contributing a lot to the economy of the country with its national, international and regional investment power and playing a significant role in the industrial production.

Having created a brand-new line of business a steel door industry in Turkey and having been preferred as the most known and top-tier brand, Kale Çelik Kapı produces special steel door models both for individual consumers and for projects under its unique brand mark. It is one of brands tested at laboratories of TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and mostly preferred by the relevant market because Kale Çelik Kapı is the only door manufacturer that has six levels of security.

Kale Kilit took a further firm step ahead for the purpose of strengthening its competitive force in the worldwide market and sustaining its range of products within the scope of world standards and established the largest integrated lock manufacturing plant both at the region and throughout Europe. Rendering services under the roof of Kale Endüstri Holding, Kale Çelik Eşya will go on bringing the ‘security/safety and quality’ perfectly to its customers through its Çerkezköy Plant where the most bleeding-edge and state-of-the art technologies are deployed.

Kale Çelik Eşya is engaged in manufacturing facilities to introduce a secure and safe life to the consumer within a range of products including steel doors, steel safes, fire doors and shaft caps.

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