About The Company

With its experience accrued over a half-century, corporate management, production perspective not compromising on the quality, as well as dynamic and sound structure, Kale Kilit expands by accelerating its investments day by day and continues to significantly contribute to the national economy with its regional, national, and international investment power and play a vital role in the industrial production.

Having launched the first R&D center of the industry and sustaining the innovative product approach, Kale Kilit produces over 350 products under eight product groups with its 1,500-strong workforce, meeting all types of security requirements.

Offering products delivered to every corner of Turkey with its widespread sales network, Kale Kilit is Turkey’s Most Recognized and Preferred Lock Brand.

Being a leading and trustworthy brand in not only Turkey but also across the globe, Kale Kilit exports its locks to more than 100 countries. Having been named the top exporter 14 times in its industry, Kale Kilit is on the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” list compiled by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

In 2016, Kale Kilit established itself as not only the largest integrated lock production facility of the region but also the largest lock production facility of Europe by taking another huge step to boost its competitive edge in the world market and to maintain its product range satisfying international standards. The Çerkezköy Factory, where all the products and the group companies under the Kale Endüstri Holding are clustered, has become the largest integrated production facility of its kind in not only Turkey but also Europe.Growing rapidly with new investments, Kale Kilit doubled its manufacturing capacity at its factory located in the Çerkezköy Kapaklı Organized Industrial Zone where the newest and latest technologies are used. Kale Kilit manufactures 150,000 locks and 80,000 cylinders every day.