Open Innovation

Why Open Innovation?

Open innovation has brought about a remarkable transformation in R&D departments all over the world. This concept means that valuable ideas, information, and technologies can come not only from within an organization but also from outside. Open innovation adopts an “us” instead of a “me” perspective. This method enables companies to develop new ideas and introduce them to the market together with customers and consumers, which increases efficiency in every sense. We believe that brands that do not care about innovation will eventually lose their position in the market by failing to keep up with changing conditions or face the danger of disappearing under the influence of destructive innovation.

Achieving More, Together

At Kale Kilit, we believe that open innovation helps companies become more creative. Therefore, we actively collaborate with all of our stakeholders, especially our valued customers, to identify and develop new innovative solutions. In this way, we will provide more benefits to our users with our relevant and trusted products and services.

Through sharing, we can all learn and grow together, and with this openness and willingness to develop in mind, we invite you to participate in our creative processes by sharing your new needs and projects as part of our open innovation strategy. You can send us your suggestions using the form below. Let’s develop new ideas and create real value together.

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