Kale Kilit Worldwide

Synonymous with safety in Turkey, Kale Kilit is a leading and trustworthy brand in the global markets thanks to its success in the domestic market. Boasting Europe’s largest integrated lock production facility, Kale Kilit makes headlines in not only Turkey but also across the world with its high production capacity and quality of products manufactured at its new Çerkezköy Factory.

Kale Kilit possesses the production technology and infrastructure that addresses the demands and, most of all, the security needs of customers spread across in many countries and regions. As Turkey’s leading lock manufacturer, Kale Kilit is also a strong competitor in markets dominated by global manufacturers. Kale Kilit exports its locks to over 100 countries, led by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, and Algeria.

Operating through dealers in Russia since 1993, Kale Kilit selected Moscow as its base to expand faster across Russia and its with neighbouring regions. Kale Kilit opened
a representative office in Russia, which allows the company to monitor the market more closely and tailor its products to local needs.

Currently working with a total of five local agents; one in the hotel locks category and two each in mechanical lock and window systems groups, Kale Kilit maintains its collaboration with its dealers in the region.

Included in the branding program of Turquality supported by the State, Kale Kilit is the first and only brand of the industry receiving support under the program and conducts marketing and promotional activities through incentives granted.