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Kale Kilit Panic bars
Kale Kilit Panic bars maintain security in case of emergencies

The crowded public indoors such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, hotels need to have a door lock that can be released fast and practically to facilitate immediate evacuation in case of a panic, or disasters such as fire and earthquake. Constantly developing solutions to meet the consumer needs, driven by its 70-years of experience, Kale Kilit enable secure and easy evacuation in case of emergencies with the panic bars exclusively designed for the crowded public areas, meeting and exceeding the requirements of the regulations for a practical evacuation.

Türkiye'de ve Dünya'da Bir İlk Olan Kale Alarmlı Silindir'le Hırsızlara Meydan Okuyun!
Challenge Thieves with Kale Alarm Cylinders - the First and Only in Turkey and Around the Globe!

Consolidating its experience with technology and adopting the development of innovative products, Kale Kilit, leader brand of the industry, offers great security against theft by launching its new product – Kale Alarm Cylinders.

 Kale Endüstri Holding Ar-Ge Ekibinden Yeni Ürün: Alarmlı Silindir
A New Product by Kale Endüstri Holding R&D Team: Alarm Cylinders

Adding distinctive features to Alarm Cylinders with which it blazed the trail all around the world, Kale Kilit developed and launched its new version. Awarded as the “Good Design” by Design Turkey, “Alarm Cylinders” give a sound of 100 decibels around when the cylinder is broken, owing to its new special technology; thus stopping a thief or an intruder at the door before he breaks into a house. The most important feature of Alarm Cylinders is that it can run independently from an alarm system.