Board of Director's Message

“Our Objectives are Great and Our Values are Our Greatest Treasure”

Founded by my dear late father Sadık Özgür 68 years ago, Kale Kilit witnessed our country’s industrialization process and has become one of the leading companies of the Turkish industry today.

Kale Kilit, which started its way with the principles of quality, trust, and guarantee, is today a global brand with its production perspective, emphasis on branding, and its approach prioritizing customer demands and innovative products.

For 68 years now, we have been increasing our success by adopting the right strategies and forward-looking investment tradition and prioritizing the manufacturing, technology and power that is provided to us by our business partners, employees, and customers.

Being a global brand and having a wide distribution channels in Turkey and worldwide, we are proud to inspire trust and communicate quality, which gives us the strength to move toward more ambitious targets.

In Turkey, we have always been a trailblazer in the locks industry, always breaking the new grounds. We have ensured that the Kale users have felt secure and exclusive with the innovations that we have accomplished in the security area. Going forward, we will continue to lead the industry with our innovative approach as Turkey’s leading lock manufacturer. Innovation is the key to sustainable success. At Kale Kilit, we evaluate every new day with a new perspective and develop and sustain the culture of innovation within the company.

At Kale Kilit, we aim to become one of the World’s Top 10 Biggest Lock Brands within the next decade. We plan all our investments to attain this objective and, thus, we take our steps in Turkey and abroad within this framework.

Our Objectives are Great, and Our Values are Our Greatest Treasure!

Best regards,

Sedat Özgür

Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş.