Frequently Asked Questions


As one of the most well-established brands in Turkey spreading to the world, we produce and offer security products for 68 years. We perform all of our works with the principles of “quality, trust and guarantee” to “keep everyone and everything you love safe”.

As the most well-known brand in its field with 98% in Turkey, Kale Kilit maintains its strong market leadership for all product ranges (lock, door, frame, window systems) in its sector. Although the market share is not measured in the sector, 8 out of 10 households declare that they use Kale Kilit locks or cylinders.  Kale Kilit has been ranking among Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises for many years.

Making Kale users feel safe and privileged for more than half a century thanks to the innovations developed in the field of security, Kale Kilit acts with the vision that innovation is the key to sustainable success.  With this vision, Kale Kilit has always been breaking grounds in its all fields of activity in Turkey and currently continues its successful journey in the industry.

Kale Kilit has a broad dealer network throughout Turkey. Please visit to find out the nearest dealer. You can find our products at numerous points of sales.

Products are under warranty for 5 years with the assurance of Kale Endustri Holding. 

You can learn the prices of our products from any dealer of Kale Kilit.

The products are developed by Kale Kilit engineers through completely local R&D studies and produced in Cerkezkoy Factory of Kale Kilit.

Cylinders involve different security levels. Products offer standard, high or maximum security level to prevent various malicious attempts.  By determining the security level you need, you can choose the appropriate product. 

The cylinder dimensions of your door also affect your cylinder selection. You should choose a cylinder that is fit for your door.

No, installation process will not damage your door. You can perform installation easily. Or, you can get support from one of our authorized services or the nearest locksmith.

Cylinder size varies according to the thickness of the door.  Therefore, we recommend to buy a cylinder suitable for the thickness of your door.

Yes. Our Authorized Services provide installation services for the products upon your request from Kale Locksmiths Club member companies or the nearest locksmith firm.

Yes, you can assemble your cylinder by yourself. If you need help for installation, you can get support from our Authorized Services or Kale Locksmiths Club.

For installation, open the door leaf and remove the cylinder fixing screw located at the door panel.  Then, take out the old cylinder and replace it with the new one. Retighten the cylinder fixing screw.

We recommend to replace your locks and cylinders at certain intervals, just like cell phones since Kale Kilit keeps developing products with higher technology as technology changes and thieves improve their methods. So, the newer your cylinders, the higher your level of security.

If you lose your keys, it is recommended to replace your cylinder for your security.

You can replace a product found to be defective during the installation process from the place of purchase or with the support of Kale Customer Services (444 02 43).

Yes, we do. With the changing needs of the consumers, Kale Kilit constantly renews its product range adding smart and technological products. You can choose the appropriate products at or with the help of Kale Kilit dealers.


Kale Steel Safes approved by Turkstat by testing their resistance against theft are resistant to equipment such as oxy-acetylene welding equipment, chainsaw or drill for a long time.  Besides, the body and cover are strengthened with reinforced concrete, making it significantly heavier.

Yes. Kale Steel Safes are offered under two-year warranty.

Kale Steel Safe offer many different product options for specific needs of the users such as commercial safe models, built-in safe models, armored safe models, and fire-resistant safe models.  Standing out with their different color options, domestic safes are preferred for houses, hotels and offices since they are small and lightweight. You can choose the safe model that suits your specific needs at

Kale Steel Safes offer options such as keyed, combination, power or fingerprint lock systems.  You can choose the optimum locking system that best suits your specific needs at your home or office.

What is important is to place your steel safe to be easily accessible but invisible. You should choose a suitable place at your home or office. Steel safes are usually placed inside wardrobes in bedrooms.

Yes. If you prefer a small and lightweight domestic Kale Steel Safe, you can carry your valuables with you wherever you want.

Yes, it is. Upon your request, extra security can be achieved by mounting your Kale Steel Safe on the floor or wall.

Our mechanical combination safes may require physical intervention if the combination is forgotten. In addition to the user combination you set on your steel safe, there is also an administrator (master) combination given in your user manual. You can set a new combination by resetting with your administrator combination. If you have changed these codes and cannot remember the combination, you can get support from our call center at 444 0 243. Please do not hesitate to contact our call center for further information and guidance.

The process of changing the combination varies according to the combination model in your safe. The warranty certificate and user manual delivered with your safe explains how to change combination in detail for each combination model. You can easily change your combination following these instructions.

Battery replacement process varies by safe model. You can easily replace the battery following the battery replacement instructions provided in the warranty certificate and user manual delivered with your safe.

Yes. Fire resistant Kale Steel Safe models are also available for the user needs. Our steel safe models KK600/Y LFS 30P (30min), KK800 LFS 30P (60min) and KK2000 LFS 30P (30min) bear fire resistance certification

If your safe is damaged, you should apply to Kale Kilit Technical Service by a petition declaring that the safe belongs to you along with the invoice of your safe and your identity card.


Kale Kilit, which has been working to keep you and your loved ones in safe for more than half a century, has also reflected its experience in the lock sector to the steel door segment. Kale, which has manufactured the Turkey's first steel door in 1994, is the creator of the sector in our country. Kale Steel Door maintains its leading position in the sector by manufacturing the first and only 6th level door in 2015. Quality of the materials and safety level used in Kale Steel Doors distinguish Kale from all other doors in the market. In addition, Kale made available Turkey's first ''BR4+ Ballistic Certified Steel Door'' to customers by also obtaining Ballistic door certificate in 2019.

Kale Steel Doors are manufactured at Cerkezkoy factory with %100 domestic R&D carried by Turkish engineers.

Yes. Kale Steel Doors warranted for 5 years with ''Kale Steel Doors After Sales Service'' assurance.

You should take into account safety, aesthetic, quality and durability criteria for choosing the best steel door for your home, summer house or office.

Kale Steel Doors provides a very high level of safety thanks to its features we called 'Secret Heroes' by comparison with wooden doors.

Quality of the materials and safety level used in Kale Steel Doors distinguish Kale from all other doors in the market. Safety levels of steel doors ranges from 1 to 6. A great majority of steel doors in the market provide 3 and below safety levels. 4th level is the standard safety level used in Kale Steel Doors.

Kale Steel Doors provides a very high level of safety thanks to its features we called 'Secret Heroes'. The most important feature of Secret Heroes is to be placed in an outer frame with compressed MDF in it to prevent the door from being stretched open. Also, galvanized steel material in door leaves and lock systems with extra profiles are of the highest order.

Yes, there are. Kale Steel Doors have a wide range of color and design for interior and outdoor use. You can choose the best model for your home decoration and requirements via

Firstly, the existing wall space of the door to be montaged is checked considering the door. After, compressed MDF door head, lock and hinge sides are assembled with each other and fixed using 5 pieces of 10 mm shafts on both sides of the wall. The splines screwed in the wall and the spaces between the wall and the MDF blind frame are filled with polyurethane foam. Compressed MDF applies the weight evenly to the wall. It is montaged on the MDF frame by screwing inner and outer frame and put on to the scale. Later, the door leaf is montaged on the inner frame and fixed with hinge pivots and leaf adjustments is made with 3-way hinges. Finally, it is completed by montaging inner and outer frames. Your door is delivered as completed on the same day. You can watch our detailed door montage video via this link

Kale Steel Doors do not need much technical maintenance except general cleaning unless they are exposed to negative external factors (direct sun, rain, strike, hit and shaking etc.). Firstly, you should not use any chemical substances for cleaning of your doors. You can wipe your doors only with a damp-dry cloth. If you have a technical problem with your door or you want a technical maintenance, you can make a request with your name and door plate number by calling our call center at 444 0 243. In addition, you can easily access our authorized technical services on our website After the request registration, our authorized personnel solve all your technical maintenance and repair requests on site by getting an appointment from you.

Special gaskets are used in steel doors for sound and heat insulation. If additional sound and heat insulation is requested, the materials which provide sound and heat insulation can be used between internal steel parts and panels of the door. You can visit our website or get support from our expert sales team for detailed information.

Every steel door hasn't the same safety level. Safety levels ranges from 1 to 6 are the top security armored doors and this quality level doors are manufactured only by Kale Steel Door in Turkey. 4th level is the Kale's standard safety level in boutique doors.


Working hard to keep you and your loved ones safe for more than half a century, Kale Kilit managed to reflect its experience gained from the lock sector to door and window systems. We use top quality materials for all products and keep the security level at maximum. 

The door & window systems are applicable for all window and door systems.

In the window systems, double opening assemblies are easy-to-mount and mounting is carried out using gauges. Gauges are made based on the standard sash and frame dimensions. Gauge setting varies according to the window sash profile.

Single opening and lockable door assemblies require no gauge for mounting. Espagnolette assemblies are mounted by screwing method based on the window size. In lockable door groups, the lock axis is identified based on the width of the door profile and mounting is carried out by screwing. 

Yes, they have. Gaskets help the window sash to be pressed against the frame.  Kale Door & Window Systems involve standardized permeability tests for insulation.