Card Operated Locks - Office Type

Office-type electronic locks are in general used on both offices and outdoor spaces.  You can see passcode office door locks on door entries and exits, safes and cabinets. These products are fit for use across a wide variety of spaces and provide a maximum level of security in offices. Valuable belongings and goods can thus be kept safely and securely in a full-security environment. Employees can keep their personal effects more securely in common areas such as offices thanks to electronic cabinet locks. In some circumstances, they may have to keep their personal effects inside these cabinets during business hours too. In such a case, a secure environment can be achieved thanks to office-type door locks. Options of magnetic car-operated door locks can be chosen for the office personnel as well. The risk of theft can thus be avoided to a large extent. Electronic lock systems can be used practically, easily and conveniently during the day.

Office-Type Electronic Locks Providing All-Day Security

Office employees are responsible for storing all proprietary and confidential documents found in their private areas.  Even if locked drawers are, to a certain extent, useful, there may be circumstances when many folders and other tools are required to be kept securely.  Persons themselves or other authorized employees can gain access to such private areas thanks to this card-operated card lock system. When the door continuously opens and closes, it would be more practical to access to the office by using a passcode access card instead of a key. All offices can be made extremely secure by means of Kale Kilit electronic lock systems. Options of card-operated door lock systems with latches are available on doors fitted with knob locks. Such options that can be easily assembled without requiring extra modifications provide full security for offices. The lock system designed by using a Mifare card technology has a full-compact design.  Models that can be assembled without any modifications have a light and audio alarm system. They are admired by all employees thanks to its features providing protection against forced entries, and hidden barrels, and offering a capacity of 1,000 records. Lux-series card-operated door locks can control entries and exits across business premises.  It also helps regulate the high-traffic of authorized and unauthorized persons. Equipped with a special security code, Mifare keyless / contactless cards never allow copying attempts. Reports indicating entries and exits can be easily obtained from the computer thanks to the handheld terminal of this system.

Popular and Convenient Office-Type Electronic Locks

Office-type electronic lock options of Kale Kilit enable users to have easy access to business premises without having to carry cards. Office-type steel door locks, allowing users to access to offices only with the help of a single passcode, also ensure that users can gain access through other doors, when their cards are identified for such accesses. These types of products involve a ‘wrong passcode’ alarm system. So intruders are completely prevented from accessing to such business premises. Equipped with a low battery alarm, these models warn their users to charge them.  Office-type electronic locks do not require any maintenance and draw great interest thanks to their light and audio alarms.  Office-type door locks used for rendering a more secure working area in offices provide ultimate performance. With a passcode or card-reader working principle, these locks prevent everybody from accessing to important premises.  The risk of theft is thus, to a large extent, avoided thanks to such cards delivered to only office employees.  Office access permits are identified for employees who will set passcodes.  So important documents and safes found in personal offices can be rendered secure. Persons who are exclusively authorized by means of electromagnetic locks can unlock locks by a single card or an exclusive passcode.  So both cost and time savings are achieved.  The security system can, to a large extent, be managed. In this way, decisions can be taken as to which locks can be used by which persons, which can be updated at a later time.

Prices of Office-Type Electronic Locks

Systems allowing for the opening of entrance doors of offices and other business premises by a passcode system are defined as office-type electronic lock systems. There are many important reasons of why such products are used. The most important of them all is to ensure the office security and data confidentiality. Offices keep a variety of important documents and instruments where accounting or finance departments have safes.  It is, to a large extent, the duty of the office employee to protect all tangible or intangible assets. In this connection, they may not be at offices all the time. Office-type electronic cards used for ensuring the office security during lunch breaks, work breaks, rest periods or ‘out of working’ hours are thus very useful.  Providing maximum protection, these options substantially safeguard the enterprise thanks to their alarm systems.  The alarm will start sounding when a passcode of the door lock system is entered incorrectly for a certain number of times. Options that provide a secure opening of the door without requiring a manual key are offered for sales for a wide range of prices.  There are differences between card-operated door lock prices and passcode door locks in terms of intended uses and specs. These locks are featured with their hi-tech functionalities.  These options providing full protection in offices by means of a single lock option are manufactured on the basis of confidentiality principles. Office-type electronic locks manufactured by Kale Kilit gain appreciation and trust thanks to their price advantages as well as their durable models processed by materials which can be used for long years.

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