Kale Steel Door - About Company

Kale Steelwork, with its experience exceeding half century, corporate management,, production understanding standing on quality, dynamic and strong structure; continues to grow by giving speed to investments every passing day, provide serious contributions to the country economy with its national, international and regional investment power, play important role at industry production. 

Kale Steel Door, creating a brand new business field by establishing the steel door sector in Turkey and preferred as the most known and senior trademark, produces with its trademark special steel door models both for individual consumer and projects. It is among the preferable trademarks of the sector by being the only door producer being tested at TSE laboratories and having 6th Level safety. 

Kale Kilit, by taking a giant step in order to reinforce its competition at world market and continue its product range at world standard, has established the biggest integrated lock production facility of not only the region, but of Europe. Kale Kilit, providing service under the roof of Kale Endüstri Holding, will continue to bring ‘safety and quality’ flawlessly to its customers at its Çerkezköy Factory at where the newest and modern technologies are used. 

Kale Steelwork manufactures in order to provide a safe life to consumer with steel door, steel safe, fire door and shaft cover within its wide product range