Safir Safe System

Product Description:

Applicable design for PVC / wooden profile systems

Safe System Specifications

Gasket pressure can be adjusted ±0,8 mm thanks to eccentric lock bolts.

C.A Hinge and Fixed Joint mounting holes are perforated with single template.

Case and sash elements can be mounted independent of each other.

All parts including clippers can be used both for right and left opening.

All parts are fixed in the middle position for assembly.

Applicable for double sash and slide system.

Mechanism covers in advance of 25 mm during closure of the sash from ventilation position.

Sash vertical adjustment and gasket pressure adjustment can be made on mobile joint.

Sash gasket pressure adjustment and top horizontal adjustment san be made on case clippers.

Sash horizontal adjustment is possible on the fixed joint.

Provides extra safety thanks to safe pins on KHI, rear locking and Espagnolette.