Bathroom & Wc Locks

Bathroom and WC locks designed by Kale Kilit add visual grace to spaces thanks to their chic designs. Locks providing security for central areas such as homes, offices, hotels or business centres and functioning as an access control mechanism offer a wide range of models as bathroom door locks. These lock systems have a simple mechanism, but when they are manufactured in tailored designs, they will never be opened by anyone, other than their users, when forced by others. There are numerous lock systems, which include, in particular, door locks.  Bathroom and WC door locks have a system of brackets including a broad set of mechanisms. These product options include systems that can be locked when doors are closed and that automatically secure themselves. Kale Kilit product options also comprise of systems that can be turned by manually exerting some power and be locked by keys. Bathroom and WC lock models attract users or potential buyers with a set of alternatives that can be used with its special mechanism independently or as a whole.

Bathroom and WC Locks with Elegant Designs

Designed with a steel door lock system, Kale WC Lock options have a lock system triggering various mechanisms. Models that have the working principle connected with a locking mechanism allow doors to be locked through several different points by means of a single key touch thanks to their fittings including a group of bracket systems. This provides great advantages to users in terms of time and security. When designing a bathroom door lock set, a practical lock system with a maximum level of security is offered to the user. WC lock systems embrace a modern design together with conventional bracket mechanisms for door locks.  In this way, the opening of a door when forced is prevented by means of a maximum level of security. Lock systems designed for providing protection against external threats are manufactured by using extremely solid and durable materials for bathrooms and WCs. WC door lock systems have a simple push mechanism. Adores for its unique patterns and finishings, WC door handle lock sets are manufactured by top-quality alloy metals. Abrasion-resistant and rust-proof product options do not easily get harmed. Bathroom and WC locks manufactured in modern and elegant designs are designed to bring areas of use to perfection. Fittings such as handles and keys are abrasion-proof as they are masterly processed. Models working silently on bed springs offer unlimited uses.

Options of Bathroom and WC Locks Offering Secure Use  

Lock systems covering all of living spaces are one step ahead thanks to their durability and elegance on the most personal boundaries such as bathrooms and WCs as well as other rooms.  Such fittings that are different from lock systems used in other rooms are made up of rust-proof and durable materials such as metal, zinc.  Options including security locks can be opened from inside and also from outside with the help of a key. When manufacturing the interior mechanism of a bathroom door lock, the main purpose is to protect and maintain the use of such personal boundaries for long years. Bathroom door locks and handles made up of top-quality and stainless materials can therefore maintain their durability for long years even if forced and hit in particular by children. WC door lock models have a set of extremely ideal product options which provide extra security towards a more protected area.  These fittings employed for keeping private areas closed bring elegant achievements in design along thanks to the advancing technology. Facilitating security in an easy manner, locks attract attention of buyers with a wide range of forms on indoor spaces. Door handles that can work easily and silently are designed by the same or different set of colours of the entire surface of locks. Designs of latch locks strike users with locks that too easily can be locked from inside and also from outside by using keys whenever needed. Bathroom and WC locks available in a wide variety of colours including gray and copper are suited to doors with other colour options.  So bathrooms and toilets exhibit a decoratively impressive look.

Prices of Bathroom and WC Locks

With quite distinctive designs, bathroom and toilet systems have a diverse range of sizes in products. These locks that have distinctive models and features are offered with a relatively broad range of prices as well.  Bathroom door lock prices may vary. Available with different designs and mechanisms, models vary by material, workmanship, ease of use and quality.  These locks are offered for sales within a set of different prices according to the space where they are used as well as according to the level and extent of security. Buyers can also afford economically feasible lock systems among customized options manufactured by Kale Kilit. The primary objective of these locks is to provide protection and security against external threats on private areas such as bathrooms and WCs.  Bathroom locks have currently become chic and functional lock models used since a long time ago and developed by a cutting-edge technology and design. So WC lock prices are determined according to the quality of materials and workmanship. Bathroom and WC lock systems manufactured by Kale Kilit include a broad array of models that can be used for long years and are available with a range of designs that add elegance to the space.

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