Card Operated Locks System

For high-rise buildings, hotels, workplaces, residences etc., elevators need to be used. Kale Kilit system fittings render such elevator uses more functional and secure. Choices of products that allow a floor authorization can also provide a call button authorization with a panel system. A card-operated lock system that offers convenience and ease of use only by reader models can work in integration with the management software. Such locking fittings that can be identified by an authorized person for intended spaces are used inside the card-operated access system for elevators.  Cards offering ease of use provide extremely high security for facilities.

Card-Operated Lock System Fittings Combined with Superior Technological Features

USB keys, one of choices among Kale Kilit products, can render elevators manageable thanks to elevator control units.  This conveniently prevents non-permitted individuals from getting on elevators. When needed, priority cards are prepared for allowing a VIP access in elevators. The card-operated system for elevators is also compatible with hotel-type card-operated lock programs and fittings.  A card-operated lock has a smart-card design as in the form of a USB key.  Developed specifically by Kale by means of Mifare program technology, the program provides an advantage for ease of use. In addition, it provides convenience to manage options that are very important for controls. Options including facilities used as saving units save both the world and budgets. The product avoids power wastes across all areas of use. The card-operated door lock system is mostly liked by its external indicator panel as well. Visitors of facilities are provided with elevator cards by the personnel who collect their identities upon arrival. These elevators cards – one of card-operated lock system fittings – are coded according to the program to verify which floors elevator card users will use cards during which hours. Elevator cards allow users to gain access to floors defined for certain days of the week and certain hours of the day according to settings identified on cards. Persons swipe and scan their high-security cards to the reader first when they get on the elevator. Power energizes the floor to which the person can gain access according to the authorization set on the card by pressing the button of the floor where the person would like to go.  Cards which do not give authorization to the person for a certain floor will not move toward that floor even if the elevator button is pushed for that relevant floor.

Card-Operated Lock System Fittings in Combination with Reliable Panels

An elevator authorization panel is mounted at the elevator's engine room or an appropriate area. Elevator authorization panels can provide authorization for cards for up to 10 floors. If the number of stops on floors is more than 10, then several panels can be used within integration with each other and the number of stops can be increased without limits. Card-operated lock system fittings are also assembled inside an elevator cab. Cables are connected between the elevator authorization panel and an in-elevator card reader. The elevator floor authorization software can be easily installed in a computer used by enterprises. Card-operated control fittings are widely used for elevators. These product options chosen as card-operated lock system fittings are systems that are frequently used and operated flawlessly.  Card-operated access systems for elevators can be monitored both online and offline. So floor authorization, access restriction and customized authorization processes can be carried out when needed or optionally. Fittings of card-operated access systems for elevators preferred by almost all of large companies and organizations provide great high-security on any spaces on which they are installed.  Such card-operated lock systems considerably prevent intruders from easily gaining access to such companies and organizations too. Offering ease of use, these cards can go up or down to any floor by obtaining an access authority in a practical manner.

Cost-Effective Card-Operated Lock System Fittings

Card-operated lock system fittings are systems that allow users to gain an authorized access to a designated area at certain intervals defined by authorized persons. Card readers fitted with card-operated lock systems trigger door locks when pre-identified cards are scanned. So this provides authorization to doors. Such card-operated lock fittings that permit turnstiles and barriers as well offer a perfect option for controlled access. The use of card-operated lock systems is also extremely simple.  Swiping and scanning these cards to the access system from a distance of 10 to 15 centimetres would be sufficient to open doors. Kale Kilit system fittings allow the reading/scanning process by means of mifare cards. Card-operated lock systems accommodate two different types of devices to be used both in indoor and outdoor environments.  Prominently featured with durability, options provide an advantage for use for long years. Products provided with a warranty for spare parts provide convenience for companies that will use them.  Card-operated system fittings are offered for sales within a broad set of prices. Product specifications are taken into consideration when setting prices of card-operated systems for elevators.  Prices of card-operated lock systems are based on superior features such as elevator control unit, program USB key, coder unit, smart card, mifare technology etc. Product options with power saving features enhanced with energy saving units offer reduced costs. Card-operated lock system fittings involving top-quality external indicator panels offer benefits for all of major organizations.  Employees and guests feel themselves comfortable, secure and safe on areas of use thanks to such high-security fittings.

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