Digital Combination Safes

There are electronic combination safes built, in particular, inside cabinets not only in houses or commercial premises, but also at some hotels, for keeping and storing goods, documents and jewelleries.  It can be mounted on a certain place and used by covering it with a cloth on top of it, which is known as the most secure method.  It can also be solidly mounted on walls. Kale has succeeded in making a mark both in national and international arenas thanks to its steel safes with sensitivity regarding privacy protection. A wide range of Kale steel safes – a paragon of security – provide consumers with a top-quality security and protection experience.  The modern technology used for digital combination safes, home and office-type safes, lux series safes, built-in wall safes, decorative safes, commercial safes, fire-proof document safes, compact spring archiving systems and safety deposit boxes meets expectations of users in the best manner.

What to Consider when Choosing an Electronic Combination Safe or a Digital Combination Safe

With the developing technology, it has not been the duty of only banks to maintain the security of valuable papers, valuable items or money anymore. Digital combination safes and electronic safes are widely used in the daily life. Providing convenience to users, these products are more widely used in both residences and offices. Many persons will feel relieved and have peace of mind when they keep, in particular, money in any safe place, rather than under the control of a bank. These ‘paragon of security’ safes are not - valuable, but simple - receptacles any longer, and are now one step ahead by keeping up with the advancing technology. This is evidenced by built-in LED lights and professional electronic or coding systems. There are important considerations that must taken when choosing a safe because important - tangible or intangible - items that need to be protected cannot be simply exposed.  Digital steel safe prices may vary mostly according to their function and weight. A good and top-quality safe must be heavy. But this weight must be reinforced by steel, not by soil. In other words, the more layers it has, the better it will be because the weight will increase as much as the added layers. Kale Kilit provides its users with the best quality. These durable safes made of stainless steel are customer-satisfaction oriented and long-lived products. There are also some security certificates which need to be compulsorily maintained. Fire and security certificates of fire-proof and resistant safes offer an evidenced experience of security. 

How to Change and Set an Electronic Safe Combination

The most frequently used home and office-type safes are manufactured as mechanic and electronic combination safes. When a brand new safe is purchased or the existing combination is needed to be changed, the user must make sure that the safe door is open and lock systems are in a locked position. The first pre-set factory combination is set as 123456# for electronic combination safes. If the pre-set factory combination is to be changed, then the user needs to enter 74*123456#. After the user enters the relevant code, the user will hear 5 beeps. After hearing the signal, he/she needs to enter 1*. Then the user will set and enter a 6-digit combination and press the # key. After hearing a warning sound for 3 times and the 6-digit combination will be entered again and the # key will be pressed.  When the user hears a signal sound for three times, the combination change will have been complete.

If the existing combination, not the pre-set factory combination, will be changed, then the process will proceed similarly, but only the combination set initially must be a combination that the user sets and likes to change, not the pre-set factory combination. At the same time, if the safe is an electronic safe and the combination is forgotten, then no more attempts must be made after 3 times because, in this case, electronic components may be damaged.

How is a Digital Combination Safe Used and What Specs does a Digital Combination Safe Have? 

A digital combination safe is chosen – large, medium and small - according to the space where it will be mounted or used. For instance, choosing a safe according to the size of a cabinet, will provide ease of use. It can be cleaned very simply. The user must avoid using sharp objects when cleaning a safe. It would be sufficient to use a damp cloth and only water to avoid any damage to the device. At the same time, the electronic safe lock must be lubricated with oil or grease every two years.  The device uses two alkaline flat batteries of 9 volts. After entering the combination, the user must press the # key, and when he or she hears a beep sound for 20 times, then it is realized that batteries need to be changed. A digital combination safe can be unlocked by a one-time passcode, a master combination or a mechanic key. Providing a high level of security, this device can store 125 opening records thanks to its perfect memory.  The inner case is illuminated by LED lights. The user will be entitled to 3 attempts for combination entries, if the combination is entered incorrectly for 3 times, then the keypad of the safe will be locked for 5 minutes. The durability and functionality is enhanced by employing a commonly-used solenoid lock system.

The pull power of this lock system is very high, and casings are made of stainless and resistant steel. This system used for wooden, PVC, metal or steel doors is also used for the production of safes, thus bringing the quality to the front.  Kale Kilit offers extremely fair prices for digital steel safes in line with a customer satisfaction and top-quality concept. The most recent brand new electronic safe models are manufactured for individual uses. A fixed combination of 3 to 8 digits can be set for these safes. If the battery is low again, it can also be unlocked by using a mechanic key. Electronic safe prices are quite affordable and budget-friendly for the user.

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