Electromagnetic Locks And Fitting Apparatus

Meeting security requirements and needs is one of the most important issues at all times. There are a wide range of alternatives to make residences or workplaces safer. People feel themselves safer thanks to door locks. It becomes easier to maintain security and safety with a broad array of lock systems tailored to external doors and indoor spaces. There are a multitude of brand new lock systems emerging with the advancing technology. One of lock systems preferred mostly in terms of security is magnetic door locks.  Magnetic door locks run on a master (mutual) magnet and an electrical system that triggers this magnet, thus providing security. Magnetic locks are manufactured in a way to make them functional through all of workspaces. These locks can be operated on wooden, glass and steel materials.  Magnetic locks are preferred to ensure security both in the industry and in everyday’s life. Such locks offer you ease of use as they can be easily assembled. They are one of products offering long-term use as they do not include moving parts.


Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door locks are normally door locks which run on low energy and have a magnet system. Doors that can be locked by magnets require electric power so that magnets can work efficiently.  Magnets found on retainers start running when energized and strongly seize each other.  Doors closed in this way are manufactured to provide security and safety. Power is required for both opening and closing doors. Otherwise, doors cannot be opened. Magnets release each other when energized with the help of a button, thus allowing doors to be opened. Magnetic door lock systems are prominently featured with their specifications to improve security both on residential spaces and industrial premises. Magnetic door locks are very reliable tools due to the extra pulling force of magnets, so they can be frequently used for any type of doors that require security.  A raised level of security can be obtained at any premises thanks to door lock systems manufactured in compliance with almost any type of doors.  Magnetic door locks are among products that are most needed for the daily life and are of great importance for the safety of life and property. Magnetic locks have a simple operating system and can be too easily controlled. This system can be remotely controlled and provides great convenience in particular for entrance doors. Lock systems are offered for use together with a variety of apparatus.

Electromagnetic Door Locks

Though structured simply, magnetic locks are among the most preferred security products. There are magnets and a bobbin inside the electromagnetic door lock system. A desired electric current occurs thanks to wires wound on the bobbin. Casings of door locks are made of non-magnetic materials.  Metal casings are also manufactured for those who prefer more durable casings than those manufactured by aluminium, plastic or steel materials. Kale electromagnetic lock systems offer full security. A controller is available on the side of locks used as long-standing items. The question - How does an electromagnetic lock work - is also one of ‘most frequently asked’ questions . Full security can be achieved thanks to such systems that can be easily assembled and conveniently used and that are suited for long-term uses, thanks to which low energy can be consumed. Preferred for its ease of use and long-term operability, this security system provides a top level of security. A controlled access system is introduced with advanced designs and superior specifications.  Magnetic apartment door locks similarly provide full security for apartment doors. 

Prices of Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door locks are electrically-driven systems; however, they can also be operated by uninterrupted power sources against any power cuts and outages at major facilities. Prominently featured with a variety of models, door lock systems also draw attention with their economically affordable prices.  Lock systems that have a wide range of prices by model are manufactured and offered with budget-friendly terms. Kale electromagnetic lock systems are made of stainless steel, so they are fit for long-term use. Electromagnetic door locks providing high security involve top-quality components. A magnetic lock system comprises of a wide variety of models, so they can be assembled in different ways. When assembling a lock, you should seek the help of a specialist. Improperly assembled magnetic locks cannot provide full performance at all. Products can be chosen according to needs as well as specifications and prices of magnetic lock systems. You can buy an economically affordable door lock from among products priced according to the model and capacity of fittings. The most important feature of magnetic lock systems is their high pull rate enhanced with magnets.  The product suited to a wide variety of doors manufactured in different materials also has a very low power consumption rate.  Systems available for use throughout all of spaces and premises are employed, in particular, as magnetic external door locks.  External doors are widely preferred doors which are the most important in terms of security, and this system provides full security.


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