Fingerprint Door Handle

A national and international trademark – Kale Kilit – is engaged in manufacturing facilities by keeping up pace with the advancing technology and without making any concessions on ‘security’.  Kale Kilit carries on providing great security for safes, homes or offices thanks to its full-equipped alarm and lock systems.  Putting an end to the most common fear of doors being locked or not, and developing a variety of mechanisms which blot conventional methods out, Kale Kilit is pioneering with durable and top-quality systems.  Kale Kilit also provides its users with the highest security level defined as the sixth level in the manufacture of steel doors. Such handles are strong against powerful tools such as hammer drills, spalling magnetics. Earning trust as a first brand mark registered and certified by the Turkish Standards Institution, Kale Kilit succeeds in bringing ‘Security’ up to the perfection. 

Security and control systems have developed in line with the rapidly advancing technology day by day. It is of great importance to provide special protection on residential areas such as homes and offices for the safety of life and property. Basic needs of humans include security as well as food, water, clothing and shelter.  Products available with the state-of-the-art technology together with functional systems are mostly preferred, which allows users to enjoy maximum security experience.  Kale Kilit offers a wide variety of options for quality and security by using the state-of-the-art technology. Alternatives such as cabinet locks and fittings, electromagnetic locks and card-operated locks are among a wide variety of security precautions. Fingerprint door handle models are also among widely used and high-profile products.

Which Products are Most Preferred for Perfect Security?

Biometric systems structured perfectly for identifications are used for a broad array of security products.  The element used widely for these systems and defined as a unique solution is a fingerprint.  Devices can identify anything thanks to fingerprints recorded in the database. Fingerprint door handles preferred mostly by residences and offices are quite useful and practical. This system is used in particular for business purposes, and facilitates employee entry and exit controls as well.  At the same time, it puts an end to the obligation to swipe and scan cards when passing through turnstiles.  This product used commonly across residences as well as workplaces, plazas or holdings prevents unauthorized entries and exits, thus ensuring a secure and safe environment.  This door handle model can be used for entrances or room doors so that residential spaces can be secure and safe. Options of fingerprint door handles designed by using a biometric reader / scanner are increasing in alignment with the developing technology day by day.

Time to Explore the Functional Security of Kale

Any space where you live, spend time or work deserves to be protected like a castle. In this sense, a fingerprint system lock used for doors never makes concessions on security as it is available with a special design. Door handle fingerprint advantages facilitate perfect security. It can be used in a variety of living spaces thanks to its personal access system. Users of fingerprint door handles are satisfied with this system which provides full security and is available with a rapid door opening feature. A Kale fingerprint door handle is one of most preferred items with its functionality. Matt grey and matt black Fingerprint door handles used across residences or offices add a satisfactorily aesthetic and modern look. 

These systems allowing many people to give a special authorization for their private spaces also let them control entries and exits.  They can also be identified as card-operated and passcode access handles. Credentials and ID numbers of persons can be identified in the system thanks to a memory built inside Mifare card, thus offering great convenience to users.  The system has the function of readability from a distance of 7 centimetres. In addition to the non-authorization of unwanted persons to access private spaces, the system ensures that work shift schedules (for starting and ending hours of work), exceeded rest hours, and some calculations for employees are easily handled thanks to the convenience of the system. Turnstiles which provide security and in which both fingerprint door handles and card systems are used make both every-day and business lives very convenient.  Data is stored securely for a long time by such systems, which thus prevents dissemination.

For Which Types of Doors Can This Non-Complex Security Mechanism be Used?

Attempts are made to improve protection by a variety of methods such as face recognition, passcode creation, and card system or fingerprint recognition.  These technological lock and alarm systems used for steel safes, house or office doors, and, in particular, for warehouses and workplaces are manufactured specifically for projects and individual consumers.  Such systems are prominently featured with the quality of Kale, enhanced with functionality, anti-corrosion and durability features. A typical problem such as forgetting keys is thus solved thanks to all of such systems.  The system is opened only with a tap of a finger from inside and outside, thus preventing any complexity of use together with the loss of time. 

Fingerprint door handles can be used for wooden and metal doors. With its ability to be applied to all cylinder locks, the model provides high security improved with its smart features.  If 5 wrong attempts are made, the alarm will sound for 10 seconds thanks to its smart alarm system, and no concessions are made on security thanks to this warning assembly. An average of 5,000 opening and closing cycles can occur thanks to its long battery life. There are 6 different led lights, each of them available with different functions, on the lock. Functions are defined in different colours, thus providing convenience and ease of use to the user. This wide range of fingerprint door handle features allows users to enjoy a practical and comfortable experience. Prices of top-quality fingerprint door handles equipped with the advanced technology are also offered with options that are budget-friendly for consumers.

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