Motorized Rim - X5 Rimlock

Door systems, bearing great importance for the provision of security, are manufactured in different formats according to what spaces they will be used at.  Locked doors have a set of specifications. Motorized rim locks are among lock systems that are frequently preferred, in particular, for external gates, apartments and building entrances. Motorized rim locks are widely used as they are mostly recommended in terms of security. Only appointed persons can access to the building thanks to motorized rim locks. Motorized rim locks fitted with an audio and alarm system provide high security precautions against intruders. Foreigners such as guests, couriers who like to access to the building can do so by ringing the door bell by Kale motorized rim locks. Owners can access to the building by making use of a variety of key options. Motorized rim locks are durably manufactured. Motorized rim lock systems sold in sets are equipped with an automatic switch, a control unit and a drop switch. Motorized rim locks can be easily used by items found inside this set. Persons who are allowed to access to the building can get in by using a contactless drop switch. The door can also be opened manually by using a key. Security is always maintained thanks to its automatic lock mechanism. Offering a wide variety of advantages, motorized rim lock systems can be integrated into internal and external doors.

Specifications of Motorized Rim Lock Systems

Kale motorized rim lock systems designed specifically for external doors of buildings are quite user-friendly.  Their special design helps maintain the top level of security at all times.  Motorized rim lock systems are most prominently featured with their functionality to close the door automatically. If the door is left open, it locks itself within 7 seconds, thus avoiding any possible threats. There are audio warning and alarm systems in the motorized rim lock system. The alarm starts sounding and makes a warning to building residents in the case of an externally forcible intrusion.  The door will continue opening and closing thanks to its smart power source system when power is cut. 2,500 opening and closing processes can be flawlessly carried out.  Motorized rim locks are manufactured in a way to be used for all doors, not only for external doors. Upon demand, they can be integrated into internal doors as well. They run silently and security is maintained at a top level thanks to its smart fittings.  Motorized rim locks are quite user-friendly.  Only certain persons can gain access to the door thanks to a set of motorized rim lock systems. Fitted with automatic locks, motorized rim lock systems can work either by electronic cards or remote control units. What differs from conventional motorized rim lock systems is that they can automatically lock themselves. They have a very wide variety of users. A separate card and entry system can be installed for one thousand persons. They are equipped with easy and practical door opening systems allowing keyless and contactless access. This allows immediate access to the building. Their durability delivers high protection from heat and cold.

Advantages of Motorized Rim Lock Systems

Using motorized rim lock systems offers a wide range of advantages. The automatic system that provides an automatic locking facility delivers utmost security.  They can be operated by means of electronic cards and remote control units. Motorized rim lock systems are normally used for external doors of buildings. Motorized rim locks that keep unwanted visitors away from the building provide high security thanks to their alarm systems.  Motorized rim lock models can be integrated into both internal and external doors. The automatic lock system starts running 7 seconds after the door is left open, and the door automatically closes itself. Security is thus continuously maintained. Persons who are allowed to access to the building can contactlessly open the door by using a drop switch. Entries to buildings are also allowed by keys. It can support a capacity of up to 1,000 users. It is resistant to cold and hot temperatures for up to -25 and 55 degrees respectively and can work flawlessly.  It offers advantages for ease of use by a remote control unit. It will flawlessly work with a spare battery system whenever power is cut. There are three ways to access to the building. Remote control, drop switch and normal key. Keys of motorized rim lock systems that can be easily accessed do not cover much space and have been designed in a way to be carried easily. Building entrances and doors can be protected by a broad array of high-security and top-quality motorized rim locks. Motorized rim locks are quite user-friendly as they offer many advantages such as a high capacity of users, ease of use and automatic lockability.

Use of Motorized Rim Locks

The security of doors of buildings, commercial premises and offices occupied by many people is of great importance.  Door security systems, which building residents can easily access to, but foreigners cannot access without permission or authorization, have become an indispensable requirement.  Foreigners can be prevented from accessing to the buildings thanks to motorized rim locks. It is extremely easy to use motorized rim locks. They have a capacity of up to 1,000 keys. So they can be conveniently used for crowded buildings.  Motorized door locks silently work. The door can be opened by a special system called ‘drop switch’ without requiring a key. It is also easily carried and used thanks to its considerably compact design.  The card reading distance is 500 mm. The motorized rim lock system is considerably durable as it is waterproof.  Kale motorized rim lock prices may vary according to models and types of products. An alarm system prevents unwanted intrusions and warns building owners. Building accesses can be carried out by a card, a drop switch and a key after the assembly is conducted. The door will be automatically locked when it is left open for more than 7 seconds. It has three methods of access which offer convenience and ease of use.  Kale motorized rim lock systems are offered to users with the best ‘high-quality and bleeding-edge technology’ door locks.

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