Kale Locks Foreign Trade - About Company

Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret, operating within the body of Kale Kilit, the world trademark with its vision of “Exhaustive Safety “, since its foundation in year 1986, has been ensuring Exhaustive Safety by the comfort it provides to its users. With the innovative products and continuously ongoing investments of the trademark of Kale, equivalent with trust, it has the pride of being the most important player of the sector with an acceleration growing more and more every year.  

Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret; without sacrificing its customer-oriented quality understanding, continues to direct the safety field with its products in compliance with international quality and safety standards. The technical service provided at all product groups by Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret, providing service particularly with its electronic product grounds, quality understanding and customer satisfaction thereof is a reflection of its service policy.

By its wide product range providing top level control and comfort to the hotels and offices, providing reporting feature together with manageability to users, it creates difference at the sector. Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret enriches the lives of its users with its ; Electronic Lock Group, Hardware Group, Glass Door Accessories Group products. 

ith its mechanic and electronic connection elements and locks used at individual and communal life fields such as housing, villa, building complex, apartment; at business fields such as touristic facilities, hotels, offices, factories and particularly at the doors at door-access points, it provides total safety at the access points desired to be put under control. 

Due to the service understanding of Kale Kilit, leader of security in Turkey, its rich and innovative product range are those mostly preferred by particularly hotels and touristic facilities. Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret; is one of the most preferred trademarks of hotel management in Turkey and world and its effectiveness and competence in this sector are gradually increasing.

Kale Kilit Dış Ticaret’s lock serial with luxurious serial card and encoded lock serial, electronic digital safes, modern serials composed of electronic locks with elegant style, X serials designed for main entrance doors and access control units products are mostly preferred. Furthermore, automatic door closer, knob lock, encoded padlock, digital encoded safe, touch-operated encoded lock, energy saving unit and electromagnetic lock products are also among the most preferred products by tourism sector. 

Kale Kilit, by always giving particular importance to the satisfaction and confidence of its customers and all shareholders, targets to use its sources in the most efficient manner. Benefiting from technology at highest level, constantly increasing its product and service quality; have been continuing to be its basic principle since the day it was founded. 

Kale Kilit, with the peace it provides to its users to whom it ensures their feeling safe since they close their doors , proceeds with a speed and motivation gradually increasing…​