Kale Door & Window Systems - Production and Technology

Kale Door Window Systems that have been working since year 2016 in order to provide perfect door window accessories to sector professionals continues its production at its Çerkezköy Factory, bearing the feature of being the biggest integrated lock production facility of Europe. At the new factory at where the advanced technology and production integration are together, while all products are manufactured under a single roof, the daily production capacity is doubled. Kale Door Window Systems, adding new links to its innovative products at its Çerkezköy Factory, one of the several integrated lock production facilities not only of the region and Europe, but also of the world, rapidly progresses in being a world trademark.

Kale Kilit Factory is an integrated facility composed of; alkali zinc plating facility, molding room, press shop, Installation Island and lines. The products of Kale Door Window Systems continues to direct the sector by bringing important innovations to the sector due to its unique designs.

The products manufactured at Kale Kilit factory are plated at the plating facility located within its own body. Plating is performed by using the cutting edge technology, with the method of "alkali zinc" in silver color which provides a longer lifetime and esthetic appearance in comparison to standard plating methods and at the same time that does not threat the human life. 

The plating facility and plate designing section is managed with the automation system increasing the production speed and minimizing the labor failure. There are hydraulic and pneumatic presses with pressure controller in the nature and number that may meet all of the needs at installation department. 

The firms at where semi finished products are provided are selected from the firms aware of the quality understanding and rigor of Kale in this respect. The fact whether the products supplied from these firms are in compliance with Kale’s quality criteria or not is evaluated by quality control unit and accepted to manufacture if found appropriate. 

All of the products are subject to regular tests such as “impermeability”, lifetime”, “corrosion resistance” at the laboratory of factory, in terms of their compliance with international standards. 

At R&D department located at the facilities where the quality is given particular importance, new products are being developed in a planned manner within the direction of the requests arisen due to the studies performed with customers, PVC and Aluminum Profile manufacturers.