Electronic Glass Door Locks

Electronic glass door locks are security systems designed for glass doors. These combination or card-operated locks are equipped with the leading-edge technology. These lock models are used by setting passcodes. Each lock model has different specifications, so passcode setting digits may vary. However, electronic glass door locks that can be set with passcodes of 3-19 digits are frequently preferred by users.  These passcode-protected lock systems are fitted with a function of protection against theft of passcodes by third parties. Electronic locks also allow you to unlock the lock system through the reset button on the outer casing in emergencies when a programming error occurs. 

The recording capacity of electronic glass door locks may vary. Electronic passcode door locks are also equipped with a sensor providing protection against overcurrents in circumstances of fire, high-voltage etc. Locks cannot be totally locked even in low-voltage conditions. Alarms of locks will start sounding in such a case or when a wrong passcode is entered. Electronic glass door locks are also available with manual or automatic operation modes. Operated with batteries, these locks provide power saving.

Specifications of Electronic Glass Door Locks and Cards  

A glass door card is a different product, among control systems,used as part of security precautions. Glass door cards are used to provide security for a certain area. Such locks described as a pass (entry) system work with a technological system. These cards can easily work when swiped through or held against readers.  Electronic glass door locks are fit for use with cards or passcodes. Glass doors work with specific-passcode card readers. Cables found on glass doors may impair the appearance. So lock systems designed as glass door card readers add a chic appearance to spaces where they are used.  Glass door card models are easily assembled, allowing users ‘rapid access’, and are durable so they can be used for a long time. 

Electronic glass door locks can unlock doors by means of remote controls. They are also fitted with passcode entry and remote-control identification functions. If a wrong passcode is entered in these lock systems, the protection function will be enabled. A passcode will be blocked for one minute when it is entered incorrectly for three times. It is also possible to use these glass door locks with a set of user cards. When the battery of electronic glass door locks dies, a battery can be replaced.  An additional power supply can be provided with a 9-W battery found on the outer part of the lock.  Reception ranges of remote controls depend on spaces where such locks are used.  However, the reception range of a remote control is in general 5 metres.

Advantages of Using Electronic Door Locks

Using Kale electronic door locks provides a great variety of technological advantages as these lock models are functioned to lock and unlock doors in one move. When, for locks designed as card-operated locks, a card is swiped across the access screen, one can gain access to or exit from any space.  Electronic door locks which can be used by the personnel or staff of hotels or premises are extremely functional. Users can quickly gain access to or exit from premises by using cards or remote controls. These lock systems used for providing security on certain areas also support control devices because electronic locks can work compatibly with control devices.

Designed for each of door models, electronic door locks and glass door card models are fitted with a wide range of functionalities. Suitably fitted for each door, electronic glass door locks will steer your needs with a selection of options. For instance, electronic locks powered by adapters are easily activated after contacting with doors.  Being suitably fitted to indoor and outdoor spaces, these systems are designed to provide the reliability of different environments.  Some of electronic glass lock models work by passcodes, card readers or fingerprints so that doors can be unlocked or locked. Each user-friendly model facilitates ease of use for such lock systems. Electronic door lock systems are divided into a variety of models, i.e.: push-to-open, pin and magnetic.

Functionalities of Electronic Glass Door Locks

An electronic glass door lock is a system blended and designed with a bleeding-edge technology. So it is possible to find a wide range of its functions while using it. Electronic door locks can be set with passcodes in several ways.  The remote control method is the most commonly used unlocking technique. However, you can also unlock a door from a distance by pressing a button. But the lock must be electronic so that you can do this. Electronically-operated glass door locks can be remotely accessed, and glass door cards are products that can be activated by swiping them to the system.  Certain glass door locks are designed as card-operated and passcode cards. Thanks to such systems, all glass doors can be activated by using cards.

Electronic glass locks can be applied to doors of 10 to 12 mm. Options include electronic locks with a two-way locking function as well. These locks automatically lock themselves even if doors are not opened, thus allowing users to use them securely and safely.  In addition to their recording functions, electronic glass door locks can be locked from inside and outside.  These systems can be used by means of both passcodes and cards. You can switch to the card-operated system and choose the option to easily lock or unlock the door.

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