Floor Spring & Accessories

Floor springs are used when the power density is required. In addition, they are also products used promptly for load requirements.  Floor springs are designed as products suitable for use across industrial systems such as mobile equipment, presses etc. The function of springs is employed for wind turbines and brake controls too. Such spring systems are designed in a broad array of features. Models designed as glass door springs allow glass doors to be closed slowly.  The security of glass doors can therefore be achieved by such systems. When connecting floor springs, a wide range of apparatus is used. Connecting accessories (apparatus) ensure that springs can function properly.

There are floor springs and connecting accessories offered for sales in sets as well  In addition to the designed glass door floor springs, there is a selection of floor springs of aluminium, wooden, iron and fire escape doors. Hinges are used so that spring (hydraulic) systems can be connected.  Small, middle and large-size hinges can be chosen according to the type of a floor spring system.  The apparatus used for floor springs includes products such as upper butt hinges, upper T hinges, metal rods, shower hinges, lower hinges etc. H rods which are used during the assembly of spring systems are designed in various sizes. 

Glass Door Floor Springs  

Glass door floor springs can be assembled by using special methods. The system is adjusted by means of the mechanism found on the upper part of springs. Springs can be adjusted so that doors are either full-open or half-open. A stress-adjustment screw is used so that springs can be adjusted. Thanks to this screw, the speed of opening and closing doors can also be adjusted. Glass door motors are used for door glass partition projects for stores, offices, banks etc. Glass door floor springs are mounted together with door motors. Floor springs that can be easily activated after assembly also facilitate the security of glass doors. The assembly can be carried out by placing the pin of the door motor onto the lower motor hinge of the glass door.  The size is measured from the hinge canal of the placed lower motor hinge.  The assembly is conducted by placing tempered glass doors of 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm.  The assembly process is completed after placing the upper hinge of the glass door onto the top part of the door.

Developed on an innovative concept, glass door springs work with a brake system.  Requiring a lower spring stop mechanism, these systems ensure that a glass door can be closed at a desired alignment. The closing velocity of the door when closed takes place during the assembly.  The apparatus of glass door springs is required to be used for achieving the desired velocity of glass doors.  These systems are felted, so the opening and closing velocity can be easily adjusted.

Types of Floor Springs

Types of floor springs are systems that prevent the quick slamming of various door models. Such systems are in general designed for the closing trend of apartment doors, so there may be some noise and quick slamming problems when doors are closed. Spring systems are used for avoiding the uncontrolled closing of doors. Floor springs mounted at the rear of the door allow doors to open and close at a desired velocity.  Furthermore, floor springs have a balancing function during the acceleration. This function ensures that doors can be opened and closed at the same velocity, thus allowing users to enjoy a great comfortable and secure experience. Within a wide range of product models to choose from, manual door springs are operated by using hydraulic oil in pressurized chambers. 

Manual door springs ensure the standard operation of the mechanical power.  Designed for doors, aesthetic and user-friendly springs ensure longer product lifespan. In addition, prices of glass door floor springs with a broad range of different qualities may vary according to intended uses. Floor springs are needed to be used throughout a great variety of spaces and premises. There are a vast number of models of floor springs designed in terms of different qualities and functionalities.  Spring models are part of door accessories. Designed in a multitude of colours, specifications and sizes, these door accessories are ideally of high-quality.  Floor springs are mounted in accordance of models of springs. Stop door springs and glass door springs selected from a wide range of options are among frequently preferred models.

How to Mount Floor Springs

Kale Kilit designs a vast number of Kale floor springs and other floor door springs. Floor springs can be selected from a wide range of products according to the intended use and weight of doors. Accordingly, door springs are numbered. There are door springs in different numbers that are ideally available and can steer requirements.  For instance, a floor door spring positioned on silent spaces can be automatically operated. So a slow and silent closing and opening occurs. The firmness (tightness) of apparatus is adjusted by means of an adjusting screw. This system regulates the opening and closing of frequently used doors at a desired velocity. The diversified range of systems to be chosen from affects prices of glass door floor springs.

Small spring models such as upper door-frame springs and lifter springs are structured for functional uses. Moreover, electrical door springs are products that support different intended uses. The different assembly mechanisms of parallel rods, pneumatic rods and upper door-frame springs help such systems be available in various ways. For instance, pneumatic rods are operated by means of control mechanisms. In addition, it is necessary to open a groove under the floor of the door for assembling floor springs.

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