Best Exterior Door Models Representing the Distinction of Kale Kilit!

Best Exterior Door Models

One of the most important items of the safety of life and property at homes is an exterior door. Adding elegance to house decorations and also securing your homes, exterior door models offer a wide range of choices to users together with a variety of production materials. Chosen and shown as the best exterior door models, steel doors are fitted with different specifications in terms of sizes, colours and locking mechanisms. A great variety of impact-resistant, solid and secure steel doors can offer users the ability to see who is outside of their doors through a wide range of peephole (door viewer) options.

Steel doors ranking first among door recommendations will allow users to avoid problems such as damage to walls on residential areas by means of protective armours, stoppers etc. Locking latches which are in general chrome-plated offers users an advantage to lock doors from upper locks, which can thus provide extra security. Types of doors are compatible with a wide range of decorating styles; Art Deco, modern and classic. So users can choose any exterior door models with a variety of colours and styles that will best fit their residential spaces. You can view a select range of models offered by Kale Kilit to choose a secure and elegant steel door for your home as well.

Best Exterior Door Models

Featured as one of core items among house decorations, exterior doors contribute to the protection of residential areas thanks to their steel door casings and extra security components. Models produced with the distinction that Kale Kilit offers are divided into a wide range of product groups; for instance, prestige, modern, classic and dynamic doors. Here are exterior door models you can find within the selection of Kale Kilit’s products:

Prestige Doors

Designed in various tones such as grey, black and brown; prestige doors reflect chic designs. Kale Elegan series doors designed with the combination of glass and wood create a harmonious appearance of those two materials together. A peephole can be assembled onto the door featured with its glossy trims and middle-panel components. Kale Country steel door models blend the naturality of the wood with both of traditional and modern design details. Peepholes and knockers can be mounted onto these doors. And Kale Ancient Plain and Kale Hare exterior door models appeal to users who desire to make nostalgic choices with a variety of wooden details.

Modern Doors

Matching up with the minimal style of new-generation residential spaces, modern door series are made up of wood, laminate, stone etc. Kale Stone Doors combine three different materials together and provide a timeless style to your home. Peepholes can be assembled onto doors which can be manufactured in light and dark colours. Kale Vira Blue - another outstanding model of the collection – holds an arty appearance for both interior and exterior spaces. A peephole and a knocker can be mounted on the door glimmering with its naturally aged style. Making a mark with its minimal style, Kale Fit brightens modern city doors up with the contrast of black and white in harmony as well as its two-handle design.

Classic Doors

Inspired by primary colours of the nature, classic doors enrich residential spaces with timeless design details. K39, one of the favourite models of the series, brings a Parisian style to your home by embracing an Art Deco design in grey. A knocker or a peephole can be installed on an exterior door model that embraces the elegance of wood and laminate together. A K2500 Model Door, a choice of users who desire to bring the elegance of light colours to their homes, is most liked thanks to its classic and flamboyant style. The door made up of aluminium is suitable for assembling a peephole or a knocker as well as a standard knob and trim. Kale Deco steel door is another model you will like to feel the warm texture of wood throughout your home. An exterior door that prominently exhibits its harmony with the Art Deco trend helps you roll out the welcome mat to your guests.

Project Doors

Offering a wide range of choices such as 3N, 5N and Apartment Doors; project doors are ideal to add a vivid touch to classic decorations. Doors that can be purchased for 6 and above orders shine out with a variety of materials such as MDF Laminates. Each of models ornamented with details that add warmth and candour to its current space gives a novel touch to the entire space with their unique designs and elegant components when bulk orders are given.

Dynamic Doors

Blended with materials such as wood, membrane and lacquer; dynamic doors can be designed with all wooden and membrane colour options selected from product colour charts. Attracting users who seek simplicity mixed up with a minimal style, D03 doors exhibit a brilliant appearance blended with its modern line in grey. A peephole or a knocker can be installed in the model in which a gentle elegance prevails. Blended with glass and stone, DDM01 doors unite an attractive simplicity with residential spaces by two-colour designs and modern coating colours.

How Much are Exterior Doors?

Steel doors offer users a full range of choices in width, length and depth and a variety of designs, materials and extra components. Standing out with its design specifications available to suit requirements of each house, exterior doors are among the most important decorative items where security is always a priority. Prices of exterior doors that you may prefer according to your needs and tastes depend on the quality of products. Security precautions that have recently increased due to security vulnerability issues play a role on the diversification of steel door prices as well. Equipped with superior security specifications, models are sold at higher prices than those of standard product groups.

You too can review and choose best colours and designs of steel door models – one of products that first come to mind as part of door recommendations – by searching those suited to your residential spaces.