How to Change a Door Lock Code?

How to Change a Door Lock Code

You are in need of strong and solid safety and security systems for ensuring the security of your life and property. You can both feel secure and safe and enter your living spaces in a practical way thanks to such systems. With the advancement of technology, coded door systems have already taken the place of conventional lock systems. Only those who know code on door lock can enter your apartment. You can feel safe as no intruders can break key locks and break into your apartment.

You can maximize your safety by changing door codes. You can change the apartment’s door code at certain intervals, thus avoiding any possible risks. You can share this door code, which you change by means of a simple method, only with apartment residents, thus preventing intruders from breaking into your apartment. With solutions offered by Kale Kilit, you can achieve a binary security system for entries in your apartment by holding a door code.

Why is a Door Code Necessary?

A door code is a lock system used for entries to apartments. This system allows you to take a security precaution during an entry to the apartment. It is beneficial to choose door systems with codes especially to assure the safety of life and property. You can thus protect yourself against intruders who may give harm to door locks and break into apartments. An apartment door code is available at the entrance of an apartment and requires users to enter a pass-code to open the door of the apartment. Doors are opened to only those who know and enter this code correctly. So you can achieve a maximum level of safety and security in your apartment thanks to this door code.

Door codes do not only provide safety and security, but they also offer practical lock solutions. They allow users to be able to enter the apartment, in particular, when keys are lost or forgotten. They also allow you not to lose time by looking for your keys, thus making things easier to enter the code and open the door. You can both save time and unlock your apartment door in a practical way. Intruders cannot cope with such a lock system as it is not easy to break an apartment’s door code at all. You can use a door code system either for your private residence or multi-dwelling units.

How to Reset Door Lock Code

An apartment door code change process is important for the safety and security of your apartment. This code increases the security of your apartment; however, your door code may be learned by intruders after some time. In such a case, they can break into your apartment by entering the code. For the avoidance of such an act, it would be useful to change your automatic door code within certain intervals. You can follow the steps described below for the practical door code change process:

  • The factory setting of Kale Kilit door codes is 66688. You must set your own code using this code during the first installation.
  • You must first enter 66688 to change the code and then press * until you hear the signal sound.
  • After you enter the program, you must press the key 1 and enter your new program code. Then you must press the key * again. The new code must be 5 to 10 digits.
  • When you complete this process, you will have already carried out the code changing process.

You can change your automatic door code and achieve security only by following a few simple steps. You can eliminate the risk that your door code may be learned by intruders and you can thus share the code only with apartment residents. This code change can be performed when a new resident moves to the apartment, thus allowing only apartment residents to know your code.

What are Areas of Uses for Door Codes?

Door codes are typically used for apartment doors and can control entries to and exits from apartments. However, these systems can be utilized, not only for apartments, but also for a wide variety of areas. Codes can be installed on doors for the purpose of checking which personnel can enter into and exit from, in particular, various divisions of offices. Door codes can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces, thus ensuring great safety and security. It is possible to use door codes across all spaces requiring an ultimate level of security.

Door codes are equipped with inner and outer alarms, so they will notify you of any adverse event immediately. If codes are entered incorrectly for several times, then they will sound alarms and keep persons who do not know codes away from apartments. These waterproof and durable codes can also be securely used for outer spaces. You can use your door codes together with rim lock, electromagnetic lock, push-to-open lock and dead-bolt lock systems. Appealing to a wide span of intended uses, these door codes can bring your security to a maximum level.

What are Advantages of Using Door Codes?

Using a door code in the apartment entry offers you a wide range of advantages. It is advantageous to use this code, in particular, for the safety of your life and property. Door locks that provide binary protection for spaces requiring high security are ideal for providing the ability to controls for entries to apartments. Only persons who know codes can enter your apartments, thus avoiding any possible adverse incidents. It would be beneficial to install codes on door entries if you live in a crowded apartment or have a common working area.

Sometimes you may need to wait at entries of doors using keys for a long time or open the door fast in emergency. You may even forget or lose your key. In such cases, you can open the door without any keys by just entering your code. Door codes are quite useful and safe as they eliminate the burden of trying to find your key and the risk of locking yourself out.

You can achieve the security and safety of your apartment by reviewing door code products of Kale Kilit as well. You can also gain ease of use, for instance, by easily resetting, changing and deleting apartment door codes. You can prefer the assurance of Kale Kilit for coded door and lock systems.