How to Clean Doors?

How to Clean Doors

Doors are one of commonly used fixtures of houses or offices. Door knobs, surfaces and edges are affected by a wide variety of contaminants, so they may loss their brand new looks. However, each door cannot be cleaned in a similar way because a wide range of different materials are used for manufacturing doors and users need to have their doors properly maintained so that they can remain ideal for long. Main doors are in general made up of steel materials, and wood and wood derivatives are mostly preferred for internal doors. Well then, "What is the best and most practical way of cleaning doors?"  If you wonder “what a door is wiped out with”, then you can find various cleaning tips as follows:

How Must Doors Be Wiped While They Are Cleaned?

Doors may sometimes be neglected when cleaning internal spaces because they generally look clean, which may however be misleading. Whenever you look at doors more closely, you may see stain/dust layers and fingerprints on them. So it would be better to clean your doors regularly. You can wipe and remove stains in a practical way, thus not allowing such stains to be settled, and you can also ensure that your doors always look clean and, most importantly, you can achieve a high level of hygiene.

You can always handle the cleaning of doors by means of easy methods even though they are not wiped out for long. However, you may need to wipe your steel, PVC and wooden doors in different ways, and it will allow you to gain practicality in cleaning when you apply a set of different instructions according to the type of stains. For instance, it may be more difficult to clean doors due to nicotine stains. There may be nicotine stains on doors and door handles if there are smokers at home. The removal of nicotine is harder than that of normal stains. In such circumstances, it is of importance to avoid any damage to the material of the door. For example, green soap is quite effective to remove persistent stains. You can apply the following instructions to clean doors by using green soap:

  • Prepare a solution of soft green soap and warm water. You can use half a tea glass of grated green soap and 2 litres of water.
  • Use a kitchen sponge or a soft sponge and take clean cotton/microfiber cleaning cloths with you.
  • If stains are too persistent, you can apply a soft soap onto the surface directly and make it be absorbed for some time.
  • Clean door pillars and doors completely by using the soap and water solution.
  • Then use other cloths and wipe the surface out with clean water.
  • Remember to dry everything well by using a drying cloth; you will thus avoid any water marks after the door dries off.
  • The cleaning of PVC doors is relatively easier. This is because PVC is highly resistant to all external elements and hinders any build-up of stains. So it would be sufficient to conduct only a short cleaning task to clean your PVC doors from time to time by using a warm and damp cloth.

Wooden Door Cleaning

Wooden doors can be regularly cleaned by a damp cloth as you do for PVC doors as well. However, you should make sure that the cloth is not too wet because wooden doors may lose their function even though they are rendered resistant to water and humidity. So you can make use of wood cleaners so that your door can look good for an extended period of time and will not lose their resistance. For instance, you can spray the wood cleaning solution over the surface and frame of the door and use a microfiber cloth to wipe them out. On the other hand, if you have a rough wooden door, then you first need to brush and repel dusts because when dusts get wet, they may look dirty and make a cleaning process more difficult due to such roughness. In this case, using a brush will make your task easier where it will be sufficient to use only a damp cloth when you need to wipe your door out.

Steel Door Cleaning

Steel doors are extremely durable and resistant to humidity and stain by nature. However, many users may still wonder “how a steel door can be cleaned” for avoiding any damage to their doors and handle maintenance processes easily. When you need to clean a steel door, you can use green soaps, soaps and natural detergents conveniently. After you dilute them with water, you can apply such cleaners with the help of a sponge by spraying or preparing such cleaners in a small container. It is sufficient to avoid rigid and abrasive materials. You can wipe the entire door with a soft cloth and rinse and dry the door, thus achieving a shining look. Steel doorsgenerally have smooth surfaces. So they can be wiped out easily by using a slightly damp cloth if there are no persistent stains.

Door Cleaning: Tips and Efficient Methods

A door cleaning process is an extremely easy task when it is carried out in a regular manner because a damp cloth would be sufficient only for maintaining your dusty doors. However, some doors may contain wood and glass or steel materials. In this case, you will need to wipe and rinse glass by using pure water and detergents because water may cause calcification on glass surfaces. You can clean wood and steel parts by making use of cleaners that do not contain bleaching agents. Below are some practical tips you can follow to clean your doors:

  • All parts of doors will normally get dirty, so all components including frames, surfaces, handles or hinges must be properly cleaned.
  • When cleaned, hinges may cause sounds as they move doors due to the friction. In such cases, you may need to lubricate hinges and handle accessories with suitable oils.
  • Door handles can be wiped in particular by disinfecting agents as they are one of the most touched things. Then you can wipe and rinse them with soapy water.
  • A soft sponge and a brush are useful items for the cleaning of doors. They are suitable for almost all kinds of doors, so you can use them for your monthly routine cleaning tasks.
  • Kitchen and bathroom doors may get dirtier than those of other rooms. In particular, kitchen doors may get greasy and sticky due to cooking fumes. So it is recommended to wipe your kitchen doors more often.
  • Soap is an ideal cleaner for the cleaning of settled and persistent oils. It does not give harm to the form of the door and softens and removes oil from the surface.

What matters is that you need to use extremely soft cleaning agents that do not affect the look of doors and you also need to rinse them well without leaving any marks if you wipe them with detergents. You can thus continue using your doors ideally for a long time. If you too like to benefit from maintenance and resistance advantages of steel doors, then you can select from among a variety of durable and maintenance-friendly door models and designs offered by Kale Kilit.