How to Measure an Espagnolette Lock?

How to Measure an Espagnolette Lock?

One of the first things that spring to mind when it comes to security at each house is secure lock systems. Doors and windows are the most indispensable components that provide safety and security for homes. An espagnolette is named as a common lock mechanism used for door and window systems. You will live in peace without any security concern thanks to door espagnolettes that can be locked by keys. The system named as an espagnolette set accommodates a wide selection of sizes varying according to the dimension of a window. You can choose a broad range of espagnolettes according to your security needs for door and window systems, thus ensuring your home safety and security.

Across old building materials, we can frequently see an espagnolette, known as an old system. So an espagnolette can also be seen as a nostalgic lock mechanism. Featured with its practical structure, this lock system is in ultra harmony with wooden and PVC doors. Offering a practical way to lock your things, espagnolettes rank among most preferred mechanisms today. Espagnolettes preferred thanks to its locking functions for doors and windows as well as drawers can be used for a wide range of functions. The mechanism can easily be opened and closed with a lever handle and offers some versatile and easy experience to its users. You can gain access to a diversified set of espagnolettes offered with a set of privileges by Kale Kilit.

At What Metric Units are Espagnolettes Sold?

Espagnolette mechanisms are sold in metric lengths of cm and mm. The length and width of espagnolettes is measured in cm and mm respectively. Espagnolettes are produced by different brands according to a wide range of building materials. A door and window lock mechanism is measured in metre so that needs for espagnolette sizes can be easily determined. Espagnolette mechanisms of windows are smaller than espagnolette sets of doors. Espagnolettes are typically designed in a broad range of sizes from 28 cm to 200 cm. Needs for espagnolettes depend on sizes of windows and doors.

The mechanism fitted inside the inner section of windows or doors is made up of brass or stainless steel. Espagnolette mechanisms used for PVC windows are categorized into single and double-sash tilt and turn systems. Single-sash tilt and turn mechanisms allow windows to be opened to a single side. Home windows can thus be opened and closed sideways comfortably. Double-sash mechanisms allow windows to be opened in both directions. So windows can be opened both from top and side. Sideways opening windows may cover spaces, in particular, across narrow areas. New-generation tilt&turn espagnolettes have recently been most preferred, offering further practical ease of use with double directions.

It is important to select from a wide range of materials and sizes when purchasing espagnolettes. Espagnolette frame (body) materials must be specified after right products are chosen according to sizes of doors and windows. Subsequently, striker plates of espagnolettes have to be purchased as components of lock systems. Doors and windows of structures that have non-matching striker plates of espagnolettes cannot be properly locked where the system cannot thus be appropriately used. Each of materials of an espagnolette lock set, including espagnolette flat rods, handles, screws, espagnolette locks, espagnolette striker plates etc, must be completely procured for achieving an ideal lock system installation. When seeking an espagnolette striker plate or changing an old espagnolette mechanism, you can adjust the product to any size by means of an espagnolette cutting machine.

What are Standard Espagnolette Sizes?

Standard espagnolette measurements are available with a vast number of sizes for doors and windows. 100 cm espagnolette models generally meet needs for types of small house windows, and 160 or 180 cm espagnolettes can be used for wider windows. The internal part of the window is measured so that the most appropriate espagnolette can be purchased. Espagnolettes that have recently been used for balconies too are available with sizes of up to 200 cm. Espagnolette models designed for glass balcony windows and wide balcony windows successfully meet new-generation espagnolette needs.

Espagnolettes are mostly preferred for doors. Espagnolettes used for doors have lockable mechanisms unlike espagnolettes used for windows. Sizes of the most frequently preferred standard espagnolettes are 180 cm and 200 cm. Such sizes can vary according to the dimension of doors and the thickness of the lock mechanism used for them. Espagnolettes have a wide selection of distinguished models such as cylinder, panel shaft or sliding espagnolettes. Sliding espagnolettes are most commonly preferred items for glass balconies and similar structures. Panel shaft espagnolettes are among mechanisms that have been used since long. When a failure occurs in a panel shaft espagnolette, the panel shaft needs to be immediately replaced for the avoidance of any problems. For cylinder models assembled on doors with cylinder screws, it is of great importance to lubricate and assemble screws on doors in a proper way.

The selection and proper assembly of each product for the espagnolette lock mechanism that can successfully be used for both PVC and wooden products is important for the achieving further extended use of the system. The regular lubrication of lock systems, in particular, for splayed windows will allow an extended user experience. In addition, exerting a pressure in the reverse direction of handles of swing espagnolettes may result in the locking of the system extending over a long period of time as well as sagging of the handle and failure of the mechanism. New-generation espagnolette models can provide ultimate security in many aspects thanks to their lockability from bottom, top, left and right sides. It is a condition precedent to the achievement of maximum benefits from such products that the assembly must be properly carried out.

Espagnolettes - indispensable components of window and door systems - are among the most important mechanisms that provide home security and safety. You can too review a wide selection of espagnolettes offered by Kale Kilit and choose products suited to meet your needs, thus achieving further safety and security at your home.