How to Open a Steel Door Without Key

How to Open a Steel Door Without Key

A steel door can be opened by using a screwdriver, a card or a small handheld tool if the key is forgotten. A wide range of steel doors are produced by using reinforced metal and steel sheets. Steel doors provide protection for homes or offices against external threats and stand out thanks to their strength against forced attempts and blows. Steel doors can be opened simply unless they are locked. Steel doors that can provide protection against thieves need to be opened by experienced locksmiths.

Users frequently wonder how to open steel doors fitted with locked mechanisms when they leave or forget keys on the other side of locks. If steel doors that cannot be opened without any damage are not locked, it is possible to reach the other side of locks by following some methods. Flexibly designed cards, small screwdrivers or cross-cut hardware items can be used to open a steel door. Such actions may however cause doors to be damaged and result in failures of lock mechanisms.

How to Open a Locked Steel Door Lock

A locked steel door cannot be opened without breaking lock cylinders (cores) or calling an experienced locksmith for support. Steel door companies manufacture solid and durable door models. Such models are designed with a wide range of security criteria and tests before they are offered to users. External door locks forgotten at homes or offices prevent users from going beyond steel doors. When a door is not locked, you can open the door by using a card and a plastic item because cords found on the frame are flexible.

Opening a door with a card is not recommended by steel manufacturers as it may result in the failure of the door hinge setting, a floor friction problem or the falling of the door. Opening the steel door with the help of an experienced locksmith will therefore avoid any adverse occurrences one may encounter in the future. Otherwise, the setting of the steel door can fail where users can suffer from material damages. If users go on using steel doors creating problems of falls, frictions or lock mechanism failures, this will have an adverse impact on the security of your home or office. It will be helpful to stay safe and secure if faulty steel doors and deformed surface areas are repaired.

How to Open a Steel Door with a Card

Steel doors fitted with standard spring lock systems can be opened by using flexible cards. However, such doors should have been unlocked. Cards that will be used for opening doors can also be broken. It may therefore be a right choice to use old cards to be able to open unlocked doors. The following steps are followed for opening a door with a flexible plastic item or a card:

  • The card needs to be inserted inside the gap between the latch bolt and the door frame.
  • The place of the latch bolt will be located by making a downward and upward movement.
  • After the backside of the card is twisted, the latch bolt is pushed and the door can be opened.
  • If there are no gaps between the door and lock mechanism, then the flexible card is pushed from the top to the inner part.
  • So the card proceeds between the lock mechanism and the door frame, the latch bolt is released and the door opens.

Cords of steel doors opened by using flexible cards can sustain some damage. It is therefore not recommended to open steel doors with cards unless you have to. Locksmith services can be received for opening locked or unlocked doors shortly. Moreover, steel doors opened by locksmiths can be promptly repaired when they are damaged. So you can keep your home or office safe and secure again and make sure that the steel door works smoothly and perfectly.

How to Open the Upper Lock of a Steel Door

Upper locks of steel doors are generally designed with buckles that can be rotated on their rear parts. A locked steel door cannot be opened without harming the door without the help of a locksmith. If the upper lock is unlocked, this may be helpful to open the door with the help of a card. Opening a steel card is a more difficult process than opening a door from inside. Heavy sheet metal bodies and high-security designs of doors make such an opening process difficult even if they are unlocked. Breaking the door lock for opening the door may sometimes be insufficient for some types of steel doors.

Not being knowledged about the upper lock mechanism of a steel door prevents the easy opening of the door. A steel door locked from its upper lock can however be opened by doing little research and receiving the support of a locksmith. Solidly designed upper locks contribute to the proper fitting of steel doors onto door frames. When locked, upper mechanisms therefore make the opening of doors even if without keys. The latch bolt can be broken for opening the door lock. If a new lock mechanism is not installed after the breaking of the bolt, it causes the door to stay open and creates difficulty in ensuring security.

What to Consider when Opening a Steel Door

Locked steel doors cannot be opened without the support of a locksmith, except for a very slight possibility to do so. Unlocked doors fitted with conventional lock mechanisms can be opened with cards. Methods that users will employ for opening steel doors without professional materials cause failures on structures of external doors. There may be problems such as breaks or cracks on steel doors when locked. When buying steel doors, it is therefore of great importance to prefer brand marks that provide assistance services of experienced locksmiths. The service of locksmiths who can open locked doors without harming doors also creates an advantage for budgets of users. You may need to replace latch bolts if keys are broken. Experienced locksmiths can carry out overhauls and repairs of doors shortly after such opening processes.

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