What is a Double-Casement Window System?

What is a Double-Casement Window System?

Innovations and technological developments of our age bring more comfortable and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of premises. For instance, windows play a crucial role for home designs and continue taking form with new design trends and technological advances day by day. With such outstanding features, a double-casement window system adds aesthetics to the modern architecture and provides users with practical advantages. Well, what is a double-casement window and where is this window used? Come now; let us look at such modern window systems closely.

What Does a Double-Casement Window Mean?

A double-casement window is a type of window that is frequently used for the design of homes. As its name signifies, this window is a combination of two casements. Basically, double casements open both ways independently. This allows the entire window to open both ways and enables users to control ventilation/lighting fixtures better throughout living spaces and business premises. Offering an aesthetic diversity and flexibility in use, double-casement windows are generally preferred for modern architectural designs where the target is to make a house look contemporary. 

What Are Advantages of Double-Casement Windows?

The basic functionality of a double-casement window that contains two wings and can open two ways independently is the flexibility in use. Its double casements allow users to be able to control the ventilation and illumination of spaces because both casements can be opened independently where such casements provide fresh air entries into interior spaces and both increase and magnify natural lights reflected from outside, thus reducing the need for artificial lights. So this allows interior spaces to look spatially larger. 

Double-casement window systems are featured not only with functionalities, but also with aesthetic qualities. Combined in harmony with modern architectural designs, these windows create a chic and modern look. Wide glass surfaces allow you to enjoy sceneries on a wide field of view. On the other hand, double-casement window designs deliver benefits and advantages for energy efficiency as well. Gaps between both casements contribute to the temperature control, thus letting you achieve energy savings. Another advantage of double-paned windows is the sound insulation as most of such designs deliver the most outstanding soundproofing insulation. 

Where is a Double-Casement Window System Used?

Double-casement window systems are most frequently used for home designs and architectures as one of extremely useful choices. Flexible designs can remarkably be used across a variety of spaces. So such systems become indispensable components of modern living spaces thanks to their designs combining aesthetics and functionality together. So where can you use a double-casement window system?

A window system that contains two casements can be used within a wide range of spaces from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens to offices. Moreover such systems are extremely appropriate for scenic view homes bringing the beauty of nature to the heart of interior spaces. Double–casement windows add a spacious, modern and aesthetic touch across spaces and provide users with more lighting and air-flow capabilities for interior spaces.

They maximize the level and quality of lighting, but the advantage of extra airing is the largest contribution provided on spaces such as kitchens where double-casement windows are used. They rapidly remove food odours from spaces and deliver clean and fresh air indoors.

Preferred for delivering a further aesthetic touch on living rooms, large halls or scenic view homes, double-casement window systems positively affect the general atmosphere of spaces. Designs promise elegance and comfort for both interior and exterior spaces and are ideal for those seeking solutions for windows suited to modern living styles. 

Preferred for modern office designs, double-basement systems incorporate further elegance into business environments. Their most significant feature is however that they can help increase natural lighting sources throughout offices as well. So this makes the air of a working environment fresher and cleaner, thus achieving a higher level of labour productivity.

Things to Consider When Using a Double-Casement Window System 

Though contributing to a home design with advantages that offer aesthetics and practicality, the proper use and regular maintenance of double-casement window systems is extremely vital for achieving a longer service life and performance in them. You can continue using window systems securely as long as you too pay attention to such requirements.

  • A regular cleaning and maintenance process will extend the life of windows. Glass surfaces are often subject to outdoor exposures and abrasive conditions so it is recommended to check frames or hinges during certain intervals. 
  • The proper assembly of windows will deliver outstanding insulation and increase energy efficiency. The assembly must be handled in accordance with necessary standards by experienced specialists.
  • It is important to maintain air-tightness and impermeability of double-casement windows. You can achieve energy savings when hinges and joints are regularly checked and replaced, when necessary. 
  • Accessories such as curtains, window shutters or blinds may have an adverse impact on usage. So the assembly of curtains should not prevent the proper opening and closing of windows. 

How to Use a Double-Casement Window System

Featured with their ergonomic designs, double-casement windows typically allow users to open and close them easily and conveniently. For instance, you do not have to adjust the order of your goods or furniture according to the direction of the window. You can comfortably position your furniture such as bergère armchairs in front of your window. This provides advantageous convenience and practicality in daily use. 

One of the most outstanding features of double-casement window systems is that they can be easily cleaned because double-casement windows are provided with a wide range of tilt-and-turn options; casements can be opened in vertical or horizontal directions. As they are not fixed windows, you can wipe and clean both windows from inside / outside easily. Some of models are tilt-and-turn windows, so they allow more comfortable access to external surfaces. 

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