What is a Lacquered Door & How to Understand It?

What is a Lacquered Door & How to Understand It?

A lacquered door is an MDF door model covered with a design or a painted finish or satin. Known as furniture doors, lacquered doors are first patterned by CNC machines and finally shaped at varnishing units. Such door models can be painted with a wide range of optional colours. Lacquered doors that are sensitive to impact and that require deep cleaning are suitable for indoor uses.

A lacquered door is one of indoor door models that are frequently preferred as they are offered with a broad variety of options and numerous models with smooth and elegant surfaces. With the advancing technology, such doors shaped with a new dimension add a decorative look to living spaces.

Features of a Lacquered Door

Lacquered door models offer advantages to users thanks to their features. Below are features of such doors:

  • Fitted with a set of high-quality hinges, lacquered doors are, in general, coated with MDF surfaces at a size of 6 mm. Frameworks are made up of trees known as doretrees for door leaf frames during a production process. Strengthened in a solid form, inner frames are furnished with honeycomb cardboards. Front and rear sides of MDF plates are finally attached by using a pressing method.
  • Varnished door models can be offered with glass or not.
  • At least 2 to 3 coats of varnish are applied to lacquered doors.
  • For top-quality door handles and sets of hinges, high-resistance materials are used for avoiding oxidation.
  • Lacquered doors may be expensive as they have a more decorative look and an elegant appearance than other doors of the same segment.
  • Lacquered doors can remain as new as the first day they were produced for long unless they are in contact with water, which makes such doors convenient for indoor use.
  • Any designs and models suited to all users can be used as they can be specially designed.
  • Furnished with a top-quality finish on materials and surfaces used inside, one of the most distinctive properties of these doors is that they can be applied with a wide variety of designs.

How to Clean a Lacquered Doors?

Smooth and sensitive surfaces provide users of lacquered doors with ease of cleaning. Stains must be removed, but not by rubbing them, just to minimize any possibility of deformation. It is recommended to choose from natural products for the purpose of removing stains on such doors that cannot be cleaned by chemical cleaning agents. Door surfaces are painted and varnished, so the failure to apply a suitable cleaning procedure may result in the formation of stains on surfaces.

To clean a lacquered door, it would be adequate to wipe the door with a damp cloth and dry it. It would be a practical solution to combine white vinegar with water for cleaning deeper stains you may have hard time to remove. Such doors that can be wiped and cleaned every two to three months can provide advantages as they can preserve antibacterial finishes and also remove dust after they are cleaned.

How to Understand a Lacquered Door?

There are a few considerations for being able to understand the quality of a lacquered door you will choose for your living spaces. If you also seek the answer for the question “How to Understand a Lacquered Door”, you can review the following comments:

  • Lacquer is a type of varnish applied onto a door and a top-quality lacquered door must have at least 3 coats of varnish. This both makes a lacquered door more solid and facilitates the layer of varnish to render a cleaning procedure easy.
  • Lacquered doors have smooth finishes. So when you touch the surface of the door and do not feel the smoothness, you can think that the door is not an original lacquered door.
  • Original lacquered doors may be slightly affected by external factors such as steam, humidity etc. At the same time, they can be cleaned in an easy way. When you wipe the door with a damp cloth and cannot remove any stains from the door, then the door is most likely a non-lacquered door. Because lacquered doors are dust and dirt-repellent as they are varnished.
  • A lacquered door has a shiny finish, so when you see a matte door, you can assume that it is not a lacquered door.

How to Remove Scratches from Lacquered Doors

Lacquered doors are fitted with renewable forms, which thus provide users with more practical use. A renewal process also extends the useful life of the door. If a lacquered door is exposed to any deformation such as scratches, then a sanding, coating or painting application can be applied when necessary. If scratches on surfaces are deep, then they can gain their ‘new’ finishes by applying a coating and painting process. Even if it has been more than 10 years since the production of your lacquered door, you can make your door remain as new as the first day it was produced.

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