Access Control Units Devices

Security systems are very important for the safety of life and property, which is very vital for people. People strive to live their lives in a secure and safe society. New adaptations, ideas and inventions are carried out to meet such security and safety needs. There are a wide range of systems offered to you so that your living and working environments can be rendered most safe and secure. Access control systems are ‘monitoring and security’ systems required to be used actively for a variety of spaces, in particular, for workplaces, factories and public organizations.  Access control systems allow special or authorized persons to access to workplaces as long as they are required to do so. Entries of other persons who want to access to such workplaces may thus be prevented.  Access control systems can record entries to and exits from companies or other spaces to a computer.  Upon demand, access control systems can report which persons can access to or leave workplaces from which doors and at what time.  In particular, company managers, for instance, may want to know credentials of their personnel and learn whether the personnel arrive at or leave the workplace in a timely manner. Access control systems have extensive areas of usage so they have been used in a variety of premises and are still used widely as part of needs almost in every part of life.

Card-Operated Access Control Systems

Access control systems continuously keep developing together with the technology. Evolving with information technologies, these systems contribute to the persistence (durableness) in public areas as well as to the prevention of the loss of time and labour. There are many reasons that you are in need of such systems, where the most important of them is to prevent any unauthorized entries and exits and also to systematize accesses. Acts of theft or similar incidents are avoided as unauthorized accesses are prevented by means of card-operated access control systems.  Card-operated access control systems which are one of widely-used door access control systems and occupy an important position in terms of security are very significant from every angle of security. Security systems serving to prevent any loss of life and property are developed together with the advancing technology.  Owing to security systems employing the cutting-edge technology, both residences and offices are totally under security.  In addition to card-operated access systems, the most preferred second access system is the fingerprint access control system. Fingerprint based security control systems which have lately been used are preferred for security purposes across a broad array of premises. The primary goal of fingerprint based security control systems is to use fingerprints like keys and make them tailored to each user.

Kale Access Control System

Systems that can control entries and exits include access control units. Places required to be under security are taken to secure areas thanks to access control units.  These units are available with a wide range of models. These include many facilities – passcode or touch-operated - together. All of such types are provided with maximum security. Kale access control units meet security and safety requirements easily and promptly.  Control units are power-operated, so they are installed only by electricians. The system must be disconnected from the electric grid safely during all of assembly works. Kale access control units are therefore installed with utmost care and offered to you for use. A passcode change is recommended after assembly. The user's guide explains details in a clear and simple language regarding passcode changes of Kale access control units. Both security measures can be taken and such units can be installed easily thanks to systems, the assembly and passcode change of which can be handled easily.  A fingerprint reading device is employed as the designed system uses the fingerprint as a key for providing maximum security.

Alarm Access Control Systems

Access control systems are products installed through a certain network that provides access. All alarm systems are activated and used through a passcode or remote control unit by the user. Alarm access control systems are designed to prevent any unwanted movement when the alarm system starts running in the case of an unwanted access or passage to or contact with any network, turnstile, door or unit.  Control systems are operated to generate alarms for the alarm panel and convey information to the alarm information centre after a siren is raised.  Alarm access control units are used mainly by hospitals, residences, private companies, public organizations and many other premises. This leads to the increased security. Alarm access control units are available at all premises that have an increased level of security and welfare. All of such systems provide maximum security as well as high performance. Such units are therefore preferred by a great number of companies and organizations. The user swipes and scans his/her fingerprint to the device which uses a fingerprint matching algorithm and compares fingerprints recorded previously in the database and inquiries into if the person is a valid user or not. If the inquiry returns with a positive result, then the device sends a door lock opening signal thanks to its interface program. All of credentials of the personnel can be reached easily through the interface after this personnel identification process.  Systems can easily prevent any personnel from accessing to workplaces on termination of employment.


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