Cabinet Locks Devices

Electronic door or cabinet systems that are practically convenient and secure for common areas can be used for keeping and storing private belongings at sports halls, spa centres, medical centres, student lockers or private companies. An individual must have his or her own protected and private space throughout all premises used jointly by many people.  Locks and fittings that provide high protection are used for keeping and storing belongings safely and securely.

Cabinet locks and fittings developed with new-generation technologies by Kale Kilit are used in every sphere of life. These products exhibit an expected performance to provide security, in particular, in common areas of use. Electronic door locks available for a variety of spaces are frequently preferred.  Aiming to meet user requirements in the best manner, Kale Kilit accommodates a wide range of security technologies. A wide range of options including, but not limited to hotel-type card operated locks, bathroom and WC locks, office-type electronic locks, electromagnetic locks, fingerprint door handles, cabinet locks are offered to users.

How to Use Electronic Cabinet Lock Systems

A passcode or an ID wristband can be used for electronic cabinet locks. Locks can be unlocked by a passcode, an ID wristband system or a mifare card. Blue, yellow and red wristbands are both functional and strikingly good looking.  These aesthetic and easy-to-carry wristbands are much preferred by commercial enterprises. Such electronic systems never accept passcodes, other than those designated by users, thus providing a maximum experience of security.

When a user initially starts using the system, a new ID key is identified to the device, and after hearing three beep sounds, the ID  key is now perceived as the authorization key. Subsequently, the door is locked and unlocked by the authorization key. When the door is unlocked, one sound alarm is received after swiping the card, and the green light blinks.  When the door is locked, two sound alarms are received and the red light blinks. Master ID keys, temporary codes, user keys and fixed access codes can be adjusted throughout systems by means of similar simple methods.  Users can also make use of a user’s guide, which is very simple and clear, and easy to understand, with accompanying pictures or images. These keys are practically convenient with their systems to be assembled easily. Kale cabinet locks can be assembled for all cabinets and drawers without exception. From a variety of chic and secure locks, glass cabinet lock designs can also be chosen.  

How to Set High-Security Passcodes for Cabinet Lock Systems

If other persons may see you entering and know your passcode, different digits can be entered without having to insert the designated passcode.  Privacy can be maintained with digits entered without dialling the right passcode. When the user creates a passcode, the user uses digits from 1 to 9. A passcode creation must occur by using one digit as a minimum and nine digits as a maximum. If the code created by the user is more than nine digits, the system gives a sound alarm that indicates that the process is wrong. The battery life of such secure lock systems is quite long. These systems can be locked and unlocked for 16,000 times.  Cabinet lock systems can still conduct 100 further locks and unlocks when the battery is low. So the user will suffer less as the user is warned about the battery status in advance.

Passcode cabinet locks are frequently preferred for shopping malls, sports halls, factories and other common areas of use. Kale Kilit reduces the number of digits chosen for setting a passcode, to a lesser extent, by means of its recently manufactured passcode cabinet system.  This model lets the user set a passcode of 4 to 6 digits. It is quite user-friendly as it can be locked by a single button, and it can work in a silent mode. The passcode cabinet lock is also suitable for all kinds of metal and wooden cabinets.  They can also be used as mortise cabinet locks for built-in closets. It provides great convenience and security to its user thanks to its audio and light warning systems under any circumstances. For instance, the lock blinks in red every 3 seconds when the cabinet is occupied. It is also very practical as it can be adjusted in right and left directions.

Alarm Systems for Cabinet Door Locks

Any omissions can be avoided and any acts of any unwanted and unauthorized persons can be prevented thanks to alarm systems.  A low voltage alarm sounds when the battery level goes down to a certain level. If the lock is forced, the key is not swiped, and a different opening act occurs on the latch, then a beep sound is heard and the blue light blinks and after a while, the alarm starts sounding.  This alarm systems again starts when an attempt is made to unlock the lock by a key other than one used for 3 three times. If the door cannot be locked, a beep sound is heard after a short while and the alarm sounds for 60 seconds.

Lock systems used as WC cabinet locks enhanced perfectly with the advanced technology meet needs of users to a large extent. Yellow and red lights show that the cabinet is occupied or available.  This system used in particular for hotel rooms adds a modern and chic look to spaces. When locked, the user will comfortably unlock it just by turning the handle. Lock systems suited to doors can provide expected performance to users. Cabinet door locks are not preferred only for fireproof or smoke control doors. With extremely advanced features and endless and perfect security provided by Kale Kilit, door lock prices appeal to a wide range of budgets.  It goes on maintaining perfection for providing security and quality combined with affordable cabinet lock prices.

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