Card Operated Locks - Hotel Type

Card-operated door locks are used for the purpose of enhancing the level of security in residential (accommodation) areas, hospitals, dormitories and other premises. Allowing a controlled entry, these products provide ease of access. Advantageous options that relieve users of carrying mechanical keys allow them to create an authorized pass (entry) route.  Options of products that can be too conveniently and easily assembled and installed can be used for an extended period of time thanks to their stainless steel casings and thick plates.  Security is maintained at a maximum level thanks to non-deforming solid materials. Card-operated locks for hotels let both hotel owners and guests feel the sense of security. Card-operated door lock systems and combination access lock systems selected from a variety of hotel-type locks render accommodations and stays comfortable and secure.

Card-Operated Door Lock Systems with High Security

No cabling or data infrastructure is needed for assembly operations for card-operated door lock systems at all.Hotel-type card-operated door lock systems are very easily assembled just like other lock products. They provide long-term uses thanks to their electronic cards that save card-operated locks. The security level of hotel-type card-operated door locks is maximum.  They are embedded with card readers and equipped with security latches on inner parts of locks. Thanks to their card-operated locking program and card coder, hotel employees can generate key cards for their guests for the period of stay (accommodation) or for an indefinite period only within 2 seconds. When needed, it is easy to gain access to the report regarding the opening of cards or card-operated locks through software programs. The working principle of card-operated locks is that the user will swipe the card through the lock by one or two centimetres.  Magnetic card-operated door locks are featured with their availability in a wide range of applications such as power saving devices, card-operated car park entries, card-operated room safes, payment systems and elevator card readers. Hotel-type card-operated door systems used frequently by accommodation facilities can be operated by an electronic circuit control and locking mechanism which is practically mounted on doors. Devices that can run on batteries without requiring any cabling infrastructure allow hotel guests to use rooms for a certain period of time.  The general name of such locks is ‘hotel-type card-operated lock system’. Kale card-operated door locks provide great convenience for accommodation facilities.

Combination Door Lock Systems that Provide Security and Convenience for Hotels

Card-operated combination door locks are coded into cards. However, there are also options of hotel card locks that can be used by keypad buttons or fingerprint readers. Built-in fingerprint recognition (reader) technology devices are rapidly superseding conventional door locks.  Such models are featured with their advantages such as fingerprint recognition (reader) algorithm, handle, latch, idle arm, OLED monitor etc. These models can be unlocked by passcodes, fingerprints or mechanical keys as well. Options including low batteries and a smart alarm for banned operations provide ease of use thanks to its ability to upload data through USB ports.  Including a wide range of products, models have the capacity to scan a multitude of fingerprints.  Most especially, hotel guests can check in or out very easily when fingerprints are scanned while they are checking in for the hotel. Options including stainless metal components have a striking design with a great look. Of hotel-type card-operated locks, manual combination door locks are most preferred.  These locks enabling a ‘one-time’ combination access take place as one of high-security products.  High-security alternatives for spaces such as hospitals, offices, shopping malls, meeting halls and any rooms of homes, in addition to hotels, are among indispensable materials of private premises. Hotel-type card-operated combination locks that offer protection against robbers/thieves are a groundbreaker thanks to its modern and technological infrastructure. Widely admired by every one thanks to options such as fingerprint recognition, smart-device controllability, ability to offer rapid solutions etc.; these locks provide ease of use enhanced with its smart design.

Prices of Hotel-Type Card-Operated Locks

The primary purpose of hotel-type card-operated systems is to procure a high-security level wherever you are. With frequently preferred options for public and private organizations, a wide range of confidential items can be stored conveniently thanks to the card-operated lock system.  At the same time, it is possible to easily make entries by means of a single card.  Options that can be easily used and provide authorized entries only within a few seconds are offered for sales within a range of varying prices. Card-operated door locks are offered within a range of prices for rosette, latch, stainless and modern series.  Prices of hotel-type card-operated door locks vary according to outstanding particulars employed in card systems. The quantity of data identified into cards is among important factors describing this criterion. The data stored in the card inside the card-operated system door lock is scanned by the card-operated lock. So the system generates a positive or negative result. All processes conducted by the card work on a recording principle. All activities carried out by cards are stored inside the memory of locks, thus enabling the generation of reports.  Prices of hotel-type card-operated door locks may vary. So they are reliably chosen for homes, hotels, hospitals and many other organizations and companies thanks to their lock systems providing customer satisfaction.

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