How to Change an Exterior Door Lock in 5 Easy Steps

How to Change an Exterior Door Lock in 5 Easy Steps

5 Steps of Changing an Exterior Door Lock

How is an exterior door lock cylinder (core) changed? These questions are frequently asked and need to be scrutinized carefully. Changing the exterior door lock is a very important consideration of security and safety related issues. It is in general preferred to change locks when moving to a new house. At the some time, locks are often changed/replaced for locations that require a high level of security. Contrary to popular belief, an exterior door lock mechanism accommodates a very simple system. Changing a lock consists of very easy steps and can be easily performed. This process needs to be conducted carefully and slowly for the avoidance of making no concessions on security/safety. If such 5 steps are followed, you can do everything easily by yourself.

  1. First of all, you will need a screwdriver for removing a screw.
  2. You need to open and bring the door to an open position.
  3. The key must be turned rightward while changing the door lock cylinder.
  4. Then the screw that fixes the door lock cylinder is removed
  5. After that, a new and appropriate lock is assembled and fixed by means of a screw.

What are Exterior Door Locking Systems?

As described above, the technology has had a great contribution to locking systems as well. So different locks have been used for a wide range of purposes. Exterior door locking systems consist of a facial recognition system, a finger-print door unlocking system, a card and combination door unlocking system, hotel-room door locks and magnetic door locks. How is an exterior door lock changed? Each of such locking systems has different features and intended uses. Thus, steps to be followed for changing exterior door locks are not same for each door. You can also make use of information about the following types of locking systems and find the right choice for your home or office.

Exterior Door Systems and Functions

  • Facial Recognition System: With a facial recognition device and a compatible lock you will use, you can give an entry clearance for your door so that the door can open.
  • Finger-Print Door Unlocking Systems: A finger-print door unlocking system enables you to use the software for monitoring employees, students, dining halls etc as you can with a facial recognition system. You can unlock doors with finger prints if you choose a lock compatible with the device.
  • Card and Combination Door Unlocking Systems: They are normally used by hospitals, factories etc. It is also used commonly as exterior gate locks for buildings. People who have ‘right to access’ cards and know passwords can use this system.
  • Hotel-Room Door Locks: These locks which you can too often see in a hotel room play a very functional role in terms of security/safety. They are generally used by cards. You can access to each room with a separate card, which is thus a rather safe and secure system.
  • Magnetic Door Locks: Magnetic locks allow you to give a trigger to the door for access by using them together with facial recognition, finger-print and card systems. They are too often preferred for locations where high-security precautions are required to be taken.

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