How is a Kale Combination Padlock Unlocked and Reset?

How is a Kale Combination Padlock Unlocked and Reset?

Advantages of the Kale Combination Padlock System

A wide range of advance technology tools are used due to the increasing needs of houses and offices for security/safety today. Among products meeting such needs are combination locks developed by Kale Kilit for a wide variety of business lines from residences to offices and from sports halls (fitness clubs) to shopping malls. The combination system available on them provides the user with the ability to control. Combinations of Kale padlocks can be changed easily. With such products, you can ensure a maximum level of security on different locations too.

With their robust patterns, combination padlocks provide expected security conditions to a large extent and offer a great deal of protection for users under adverse security conditions. Such products – defined as part of the smart technology – offer users a great variety of alternatives with their different and remarkable designs. Attaching much importance to the personal security in every sphere of life, Kale Kilit takes a load off from your mind by offering a wide range of padlocks with different colour options. They help you keep your personal effects - bikes, luggages, bags and cabinets – secure and safe.

How Can a Kale Combination Padlock be Unlocked?

Red stripes of a Kale Kilit four-digit combination must be lined up so that the combination code of Kale combination padlock can be changed or unlocked. First of all, you need to make a combination code on the lock. First, you must turn the lock arm (lever) in the reverse direction and push the lever inside a bit slightly so that you can make a combination code. After you set a combination code like 1111, you can pull the pushed arm (lever) toward yourself and turn the arm (lever) back into its original direction. After this, the combination code setting process will have been achieved successfully.

You can decode the set combination you have easily and successfully completed in the same easy and successful manner. What is necessary to decode your combination is very simple. Red stripes found on four-digit combination buttons on your lock must be correctly aligned. Then you must enter each of digits of the set combination by means of these buttons and make sure that digits are correctly aligned. When you do so, you can complete the Kale combination padlock unlocking process.

How Can a Kale Combination Padlock be Reset?

If you say “I forgot my password”, then what is needed to do is to reset your password. If, when you try to enter your combination code, you have entered different digits, then your lock will not be unlocked. There is a gear system on the section available with your combination. The purpose of this gear system is to ensure that buttons are in turn seated onto notches in the slot.

For this, you first must hold the hook of the lock by holding and pulling it out a bit slightly with your two fingers and trying to hold the lock with your other fingers. You must turn buttons of the gear system in the reverse direction and have them seated on their slots. Whenever you have buttons seated onto their slots, you will hear a slight sound and feel that the hook you hold with your hand gets loose. Whenever you carry out this process for all of four buttons, your lock will be easily unlocked. If your lock cannot still be unlocked even though all of digits are seated onto relevant slots, you may see that one of digits is wrong. In this case, you have to restart and repeat the same process. After your lock is unlocked, you can set a new combination code, follow the previous steps for your lock and change your combination code easily.

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