List of Materials Needed to Change Door Handles

List of Materials Needed to Change Door Handles

List of Materials Needed to Change Door Handles

First of all, door handles can be changed by everyone. However, there are still considerations to be noted. Come and see materials you will need:

  • Philips Screwdriver: It is used to screw off while removing the old handle or lets you control screws of the assembled new handle.
  • Electric Screwdriver: It is used to fix screws while assembling a handle.
  • A new door handle

Changing an exterior door handle is in general harder than changing an interior door handle because an exterior door handle is larger and harder. However, this process is carried out by the same system as the process conducted for the change of a room door handle. So both of them are assembled by using the joint system. You can start the changing process after you buy materials needed for the changing of the door handle. First, you start work by removing the old door handle. Now, steps for changing a door handle are as follows:

  • You can use a screwdriver to remove the old door handle. You must remove the protective cover system by removing screws of the old door handle by using a screwdriver. Check whether there is a small thread near the handle. After you locate the thread, press it and remove the handle.
  • Put the screwdriver into the thread and turn it and remove the plate. Remove the screws under the plate as well as the screws that hold the latch. Then scroll and remove the latch. After that, remove the keeper from the door frame.
  • Measure the distance from the centre of the large hole on the door’s front face to the side of the door. Make sure that the new handle you have has the same size as the old one
  • Place the protection panels of the new handle in alignment with screws. Fix screws by using an electric screwdriver.
  • Get the metal-rod half of the door handle through the locking point of the door.
  • Assemble the other half in the same way. Tighten and fix screws. You can extend the life of a door handle by lubricating the handle internally before you assemble the new handle

One of points to consider while changing a door handle is to check whether it is an exterior or interior door. The door handle to be chosen for changing an exterior door handle must be a solid and stainless one because exterior doors are exposed to rain, dust and dirt. So, a handle you will choose must be made of either brass or stainless steel.

If you change an interior door handle, then you can take special care to select a more decorative one. However, a solid handle is important here as well. The change of a room door handle is more relatively standard. A door handle purchased according to the colour and size of the room door can be directly assembled onto the door.

The changing of a steel door handle has the same system. Materials used for assembling a steel door handle need to be more solid and heavier.

How to Change a Door Handle Spring?

A door handle spring is a structure that creates the locking and unlocking mechanism when the door handle moves up and down. This spring can sometimes break off or become non-functional if you forcibly press and open the door handle or the handle is used for an extended period of time. In such a case, the best solution is to disassemble the door handle and change the spring. It is of importance to change the spring as well while changing the handle. You can put the door spring out manually or by using a screwdriver after removing protective covers of the door handle.

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