What is a Door Cylinder?

What is a Door Cylinder?

What is a Door Cylinder?

A door cylinder is the part of the door lock where you insert the key. The most important component of a door lock is the barrel. A door cylinder is a component required to be meticulously chosen for the safety of a house. The better your choice is for a door cylinder, the higher security you will have. With the quality of Kale Kilit, Kale door cylinders are offered to you. You can review types of best door cylinders at our website. You can choose steel door cylinders according to the model of your door. You can find door cylinder prices affordable by everyone. If you are looking for a door cylinder, you can review a wide variety of models and choose the best product for your door at out website. The quality of product offers an extended term of use. High-security door cylinders maximize the customer satisfaction. When choosing from among door cylinders, you need to prefer a product that ensures the best security for your door.

Door Cylinders with High-Security Systems

Door cylinders are available in a great number of models. Among the most preferred products are steel door barrels available with high security systems. They are products resistant to drills (punctures), breaks, shakes and intrusions by picklocks. These products are fitted with security cards to enable the duplication or replacement of keys. Their bodies are made of brass. Such types of door cylinders are equipped with stainless steel springs. They have key combinations manufactured by a computer technology. Steel pins are used for resistance against drills on the body and core. If you wish, you can also prefer rim locking systems. With nickel plated brass keys, these steel door cylinders win the satisfaction of customers. Such systems of door cylinders sold in sets are preferred for a series of doors. Semi-latched steel door cylinders are unique. They can be easily locked from inside when you turn the latch. With brass bodies and zamac-cast latches, these products can be used flawlessly for a long time.

Kale Kilit's Top Quality Door Cylinder Models

Kale Kilit offers a wider range of top-quality door cylinders. Prices of door cylinders depend on models of products you choose. You can choose standard cylinders fitted with automatic blockage systems. These products are reinforced by means of 4 steel anti-drill pins. In addition to automatic-blockage door cylinders, there are also ball-cylinder models. Thanks to such products that provide security at high standards thanks to automatic-blockage pins, you can lock your door and go out with peace in mind. You can also choose a door cylinder fitted with a specially designed trap system. Door Cylinders fitted with trap systems against breaks have been developed for a high standard of security. Standard door cylinders that can function during emergencies can be unlocked by key even if another key has already been inserted on the other side of the cylinder. So you can easily respond to emergencies by unlocking the door from outside even if a key has been inserted on the door when there is someone inside the house.

Choose the Top-Quality Door Cylinder

Steel door cylinder sizes vary between models. If you need to change / replace the door barrel and are looking for a new cylinder, then you can prefer products that can provide a high security enhanced with the quality of Kale Kilit. If you want to replace / change the exterior door cylinder, you can find a wide range of products that will most meet your requirements. We had given an answer above for the question "What is a barrel?". A door cylinder you will choose is very important for the durability of the product and for your security to be provided by its functional features. Among the most preferred products are steel-reinforced standard or ball products. You can also review core encrypted and latched (advanced security) door cylinders. These products have advance security models as well. When choosing a steel door cylinder, you must be careful to see what systems it has. A wide range of models meeting your needs are offered to you. There are trap parts on alarmed door cylinders running on replaceable batteries. It is possible to enter your home or office by using the key even if this part has been broken. You can review our website for door cylinder prices and models.

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